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Nintendo's missing franchises and their chances of coming to Switch (long read)

“I want X for Switch”, “when is X coming to the Switch”, “X is perfect for the Switch!” How often have you heard or said these sentences? Quite a lot, probably, especially about Nintendo franchises. Nintendo fans really like first-party games, and they’re always asking for their favorites to come back. Problem is, even though Nintendo owns dozens of franchises, there’s only a few that are guaranteed to show up during any given console, so fans of smaller franchises are left wondering when they’ll play them again.
Well, today I’ll try to mostly answer these questions. I’ll take a look at several, Nintendo-owned franchises and try to figure out what are their chances of coming to Switch. I’ll be basing myself on this such as release schedule, success of previous entries, popular demand, market niche and internal interest at Nintendo.
However, keep in mind two things. One: Nintendo owns a shit-ton of IPs, and I won’t cover them all. I’ll focus on the ones that have multiple entries, and even then, I might skip a few if I feel I have no meaningful insight.
And two: No matter what I or anyone else says, the chances for any of these games to come back is NOT ZERO. Nintendo is unpredictable and they’ll sometimes bring something out of the blue when you least expect it. This year alone we saw the return of Brain Age (a franchise not seen since 2012), Clubhouse Games (a sequel to a game from 2005), and Famicom Detective Club, a franchise with two games from 1988/89, which then received a remake in 1998 and then nothing until twenty two years later. Granted, it’s another remake, but it is still a modern installment in a franchise twenty two years dormant. If Famicom Detective Club can come back in 2020, so can your favorite franchise. Now, let’s begin, in alphabetical order:
Art Academy
Starting off with a small one. Art Academy is a series of drawing games that started on the DS in 2010 and then released pretty consistently over the following years, with three entries on 3DS and two (well, one and a half) for the WiiU between 2010 and 2016. Already this feels like a franchise with a pretty consistent release schedule, even though it hasn’t been seen for four years now. I don’t think any of the games were blockbusters, per se, but they also don’t need to be. They’re small games, probably inexpensive to produce that seem to do consistently well enough to get new sequels.
There are several obstacles that present themselves to the release of a new Art Academy, but I think all of them are easily overcome. For starters, AA is the type of casual game that thrived during the DS/Wii eras, a Touch Generations game. Since the Switch released, many have noted that Nintendo may want to distance themselves from that era due to the failure of the WiiU, and there may be some truth to that, but I feel like this is starting to change. Again, this year saw the return of both Brain Age and Clubhouse Games, both casual, Touch Generations DS games. I feel like, at the start of the Switch’s life cycle, Nintendo was indeed trying to focus on core gamers, but now that they have secured that core gamer audience, they may be more comfortable releasing more casual fare.
Furthermore Art Academy is developed by Headstrong Games, a British developer that doesn’t seem to do much other than AA. However, in 2017, that team was absorbed into its parent studio, Kuju Games. This move, which happened the year after the last AA game released, may have something to do with the franchsie’s MIA status. But, Kuju games is still active, having released a game just last year, and I don’t see why they couldn’t take up the mantle.
Finally, some speculated a few years ago that AA was dead due to the Switch not having a stylus but, OH WAIT, Brain Age fixed that too!
All in all, even though Art Academy is hardly a hot franchise, there’s very little standing in the way of its return, and little reason to doubt that it will.
Chances: Good
We may have started on a positive note, but here comes a downer. Chibi-Robo is probably not coming back anytime soon. This cute little robot debuted in his self-titled Game Cube game, developed by Skip Ltd. Like most games by the developer, it was quirky and fun, and not very popular, but had its fans, and Chibi-Robo must have endeared someone at Nintendo, because he kept showing up here and there. He got two DS sequels, though the second one was Japan-only, already a red flag. In 2013, he starred in a 3DS eshop game that was very different from the main games, more of an experimental spin-off, and was not well-received.
But the real final nail came in 2015, with Chibi-Robo Zip Lash! The game was announced to be a 2D platformer, and many fans identified the change in genre (from a unique adventure game to one of the most over-saturated genres in Nintendo consoles) as a total sell-out, and they were totally correct! The developers basically admitted that they did it to try and get more players (red flag). Series producer Kensuke Tanabe then said that if the game didn’t sell well, it could be the end of the franchise (RED FLAG). And then, the unfortunate but inevitable happened. Zip Lash was a critical and commercial bomb, and neither the developer nor the franchise has been seen again. Aside from the inevitable Smash Bros mentions, Chibi-Robo has only been seen on that infamous flaming tweet from 2018 (I told you someone at Nintendo really likes them). To make matters worse, there are increasing signs that Skip Ltd may be going under
So, a struggling franchise makes a desperate move to gain fans, a developer expresses concerns for its future if the game bombs, said game bombs and now the developer may be going out of business? It seems the writing is on the wall.
Now, even if Skip goes under, that is not necessarily the end of Chibi. Nintendo would still retain the rights, as they did for Trace Memory and Hotel Dusk after developer Cing went under. As for whether or not Nintendo would want to give the franchise a second (third? Fourth?) chance, it doesn’t look good
Chances: Very bad
Custom Robo
From one diminutive robot to another, the Custom Robo series is and robo-battle series that began on the N64. It was Japan only, as was its N64 and GBA sequels. Afterwards, Nintendo did try to expand it, releasing a GameCube game in NA, and a DS game in NA and Europe. However, despite the fact that players of these games will attest to how good these games are, they didn’t seem to do very well, and the franchise has not been seen since 2007.
There was one statement of internal interest, when a developer in 2014 said that he heard demands both inside and outside the company for a new entry, but that there were no plans for one, and he was unsure when there would be. Six years on, it seems there still aren’t. In fact, the developer itself, Noise, is also strangely MIA. Though they are officially still active, with their website being updated for 2020, they have not worked on a game since 2015.
Then, in 2018, many fans watched in horror the news that Nintendo let the trademark expire. Some have pointed out that this isn’t as bad as it seems, as it refers specifically to games on optical discs, which Nintendo doesn’t make anymore, but I don’t know enough about the subject to say for certain. Regardless, it’s evident that Nintendo still owns the franchise, as Custom Robo content appears in Smash Ultimate.
On the other hand, one of the series creators, Kohji Kendoh, is still thinking about it. He is working for another developer, and released a suspiciously similar game called Synaptic Drive just this year, as well as talking about Custom Robo in social media. It seems like a Mighty no9/ Yooka-Laylee/Bloodstained situation, in which the owner of an Ip is not using it, so the creator releases a spiritual successor.
Bottom line, there seems to be demand for Custom Robo. A developer saw it six years ago, and the creator is seeing it now. Whether or not thinks this demand is enough to revive the franchise, is tough to say, but doesn’t look great.
Not as bad as Chibi-Robo, though
Chances: Bad
Daigasso! Band Brothers
Here’s a franchise Americans never got. Daigasso! Band Brother is a rhythm game released for the DS in 2004 and stars Barbara the Bat, who has an uncharacteristically risqué design for Nintendo. The game was Japan-only but seems to have been successful, it received a sequel in 2009 (released in Europe, but not NA), and another in 2013 for the 3DS. Despite not having received new games since then, the series is far from inactive. Barbara the Bat in particular, like Chibi-Robo, seems to have fans inside Nintendo because she pops up everywhere. She had cameos in a few other DS games, she was an AT in Brawl and a spirit in Ultimate, she was a costume in Mario Maker, she appeared in a comic strip with WarioWare’s Ashley, and the series has a Twitter account that was super active all the way up to April of this year (more on that later). In 2017, that account even tweeted a comic strip of Barbara demanding a Switch. That was probably not a tease of anything, as it’s been 3 years and nothing, but stuff has happened with the franchise even more recently.
Last year, in 2019, six years after the release of the 3DS game, there were 30 songs added to the game in celebration of the series 15th anniversary. So as late as last year, Nintendo was celebrating this franchise with an in-game event. Now, the servers for the game were shut down earlier this year (hence the end of the Twitter account), and the game was removed from the eshop (as it is basically pointless without the servers), but with recent news that the 3DS has ceased production, it’s pretty clear that the game’s end is a consequence of the 3DS’ end, and not a lack of players. So if the series is alive, but can’t be on the 3DS, it has to go somewhere, no? Bottom line: the games are successful, the series is active, and the character is popular. I don’t know if Barbara the Bat’s next tour will be an international one, but I’m confident it will happen
Chances: Very Good
Dillon’s Rolling Western
DRW is a unique western-themed tower defense game released on the 3DS eshop in 2012. It received mixed reviews, but had a dedicated fanbase, and was successful enough to spawn two sequels, one in 2013, and a post-apocalyptic themed one in 2018. With a game having released just two years ago, its reasonable to say the series is not dormant, so the prospect of a new game is always likely. The developer, Vanpool, who mostly works on smaller scale stuff like this, is both still active and still working at Nintendo.
So, really the only reason to believe the series wouldn’t continue would be if the latest game bombed really hard. It’s hard to say that it did, as sales figures are unavailable, but it was a 3DS game in 2018, probably didn’t set the charts on fire. But then again, unless Nintendo had some really unrealistically high expectations, I don’t think it could have bombed hard enough to kill the franchise that fast.
There’s not much more to say. There aren’t any rumblings of a return, but also no reason to be pessimistic.
Chance: Above Average
Let’s make one thing perfectly clear: There will not be a Mother 4
The Creator of the series, Shigesato Itoi, has said that he would not work on a fourth installment, as he feels the story is complete. Now, normally, Nintendo could just say “screw creative integrity, let’s make a fourth game anyway!” but Shigesato Itoi directly co-owns the series’ copyright so they actually can’t. So unless Itoi changes his mind, or he dies and Nintendo decides to ignore his wishes (neither scenario is completely outside the realm of possibility), Mother 4 is not happening.
So, if new Mother content is made, it’d be either a remake, or Mother 3 localization. We all know demand for this last one is overwhelming, Nintendo themselves have acknowledged it multiple times, but it still hasn’t happened, and it doesn’t seem things have changed. A remake is possible, but don’t hold your breath for it.
Despite the series’ popularity, I think all we’ll see of it is the first two games in NSO.
Chances: Bad
This is a hard one to pinpoint. Excitebike is one of those classic NES games that Nintendo likes to reference all the time, like Ice Climber, Balloon Fight, Wrecking Crew and Duck Hunt. Unlike those, Excitebike actually received sequels and established a franchised. There was a great entry on the N64 and three entries on the Wii, but nothing more since. I can’t imagine the Wii entries were super successful, and there really hasn’t been any word from Nintendo about any interest in reviving the series, either from developers, or the fans. The developer of the Wii games, Monster Games, is still active, and still makes racing games and extreme sports games, but hasn’t worked with Nintendo in 5 years.
Now, one point I see often, and that I’d like to address, is the idea that Nintendo doesn’t want multiple games from the same genre on the same console. I can’t agree. With the exception of the WiiU, every Nintendo home console since the SNES has had multiple Nintendo-published racing games released for it. WiiU didn’t but that console is an exception to many norms. I don’t see why Mario Kart, behemoth that it is, would stop any other racing game from being made, especially when they are so very different (although the fact that MK8 has an Excitebike track doesn’t inspire confidence).
No, I don’t think Mario Kart is the problem, I think is just lack of interest. And though Excitebike is not a franchise Nintendo will ever truly forget, it’s not really revving up for a comeback either. It could happen, it could not
Chances: Medium
Fatal Frame
This horror franchise wasn’t originally a Nintendo product, being released on the PS2 by Tecmo. However, since the fourth game, each title in the series has been published and copyrighted by Nintendo, and this seemingly applies to all future entries, as the series producer said the series’ future is up to Nintendo. So, how does that future look like?
Well, the last game in the series, Maiden of Black Water, was a WiiU game, which means it didn’t sell well, but not as badly as you might think. From all I could find, which is admittedly not much, sales for the game seemed to be only slightly less than previous entries, a gap more than explainable by its console. So, if the series was getting sequels before, the WiiU game’s sales wouldn’t be the reason why there wouldn’t be more. And though Nintendo of America has had to take baby steps into accepting the franchise overseas, Nintendo of Japan seemed satisfied with it, releasing four games between 2008 and 2014.
So sales aren’t an evident problem, what about the developer? That developer is Tecmo Koei, who is not only active and buddies with Nintendo, their current project is none other than Nintendo’s big holiday title. There’s obvious trust there. As for interest, there is a lot. From Koei Tecmo calling it a valuable IP, to the series producer stating multiple times, including this year, that he’d like to bring it to the Switch
Now, this comment pretty much confirms that a new Fatal Frame is not in development as of now, but it has a chance of happening. And remember, the last game is on WiiU, and if we know anything about those, is that they like to come to Switch. And though I don’t see Nintendo breaking their necks to make a new entry, I don’t think they’d oppose it if Tecmo pitches it to them, especially if it’s just a port.
Chances: Good
Fossil Fighters
This game is not Pokémon, or so its fans tell me. Fossil Fighters is a DS game from 2008 where you collect various species of dinosaur and battle with other ~Dinosaur Trainers~ Fossil Fighters in RPG battles. It didn’t receive great reviews, but was successful enough to get a sequel two years later, and another one on the 3DS in 2014. Three games in six years is a pretty good release schedule, and things were looking alright, until that 3DS game came. It was primarily developed by a different studio, and it showed. The game received abysmal reviews, and fan reception was similar. Sales weren’t awful, but not great either.
Since then, the series has been completely quiet. The developer, Red Entertainment, is still active, but hasn’t worked with Nintendo since the 3DS game. As for interest, there hasn’t been a peep from Nintendo about this series at all. No interviews describing vague interest in bringing it bad, no acknowledgment of fan demand, no cameos in other games (aside from Smash, which doesn’t count, Smash has everything). Even fan demand doesn’t seem too high, most of what I’ve seen is a petition which has been up for a year and has not reached its 2500 signatures goal.
It looks like this series could become a fossil itself. Someday some might dig it up and revive it to use in battle, but I’m not feeling it.
Still not as bad as Chibi-Robo
Chances: Bad
This is the reason you’re reading this.
Oh, F-Zero. If fan demand alone was the deciding factor, F-Zero would be top priority. People want F-Zero, people beg for F-zero, people who have never played, beg for F-Zero. And Nintendo knows this, they’ve acknowledged it. They themselves haven’t forgotten it. Even putting Smash aside, there was an F-Zero minigame in Nintendo Land. There are F-Zero tracks in Mario Kart. They’ve done everything but make a new F-Zero game, but why the hell not?
Well, it’s important to understand that the F-Zero series declined in sales throughout its life. The best-selling game is still the first, and though the following games were fantastic, they sold less and less, and yet, strangely enough, between 2003-2004, Nintendo released THREE F-Zero games. Around the same time, they also released an anime. There are several great articles and videos about what happened to F-Zero, but the best point I’ve seen is that Nintendo tried, in 2003, to really push F-Zero, but it didn’t work. So, with their attempt failed, they let the series sleep, and just never woke it up, even as fan demand increased.
In 2015, Miyamoto commented on the series, and said that, though he heard the demand, he was unsure on what to do with the series, on how to make a new game. Many fans scoffed and said he’d just need to make a modern F-Zero and that’d be great, but I think internal concern runs deeper. Just doing F-Zero failed in 2003, so why would it work now?
That said, I think there is hope. Fan demand is powerful, and more and more we see a new generation of Nintendo developers pushing the company forward. These younger developers are the ones behind new IP like Splatoon and ARMS, and great reinventions of existing ones like Odyssey and BotW. It’s possible that these same younger developers could hear the fan demand, and want to take on the series without the hesitation of their older peers.
It’s been 16 years, but Kid Icarus was gone for 19, wasn’t it?
Stranger things have happened
Chances: I want to believe
Golden Sun
And here’s the other one.
Few Nintendo fans are as vocal and dedicated to their dormant franchise as Golden Sun games. For those who don’t know, Golden Sun was a couple of excellent GBA RPGs released in 2001 and 2002, with a DS sequel in 2010. Such erratic release schedule would make predicting the series’ future difficult at the best of times, but the DS game was seen as a disappointment by many fans and sales were unimpressive. With ten years having passed with no new game, is the series done for? Well, let’s look at it.
In 2012, one of the developers gave an interview in which he straight up said that, if there was fan demand for it, there would “naturally” be a fourth game. We know that developer interview doesn’t immediately guarantee a sequel, but this is also a much more positive statement than Custom Robo and F-Zero’s “We know there’s demand, but we don’t know what to do with it”. This is “If there’s demand, it will happen.” So, is there demand?
You bet your ass there is. And it feels like it is growing. There was a high-profile hoax about a fourth game in 2017 (a similar hoax happened some time before the third game, by the way). The series received notably more content in Smash Ultimate than series of similar standing (quite possibly an acknowledgment of its popularity). And last year, Cory Balrog, director of 2018’s GOTY God of War, tweeted about all the franchises he would trade for a new Golden Sun. Nintendo could hardly have asked for a higher profile endorsement within the industry.
So if fan demand is there, why hasn’t it happened yet? Well, it helps to look at the development history of the series. The first game took eighteen months to develop, considered a long time for a handheld game at the time. And though the eight years between the GBA and DS games may have you believe it took a long time to greenlight a sequel, that’s not the case. Signs point to internal discussion about a sequel to the GBA games as early as 2002, with developers quoted as saying that Nintendo was asking them to make a new one. One of the series producers also said that the series takes a long time to make because of its complexity. After the DS game failed to meet expectations, its understandable that Nintendo may not have been as enthusiastic for a new game as it was before, but it seems like, even if the series is alive and well, the long hiatus would not be uncharacteristic. In that same interview quoted before, the developer even said that a new game would take a long time. In fact, if GS4 had started development shortly after that interview, if it took as long as Dark Dawn, the game would be wrapping up production around now.
Then there’s the developer, Camelot. Aside from Golden Sun, they pretty much only make Mario Tennis and Mario Golf. They release schedule is also super consistent, with a new game every other year, sometimes every year. We already got a Mario Tennis on Switch two years ago so, if not for COVID, their new game would probably have released this year. All things point, then, for the next Camelot game to hit the Switch next year. Smart money would be in Mario Golf, but maybe it is finally Golden Sun.
Finally, I don’t think, as others do, that Xenoblade is the reason GS is not happening. Again, I don’t see evidence to support the idea that Nintendo doesn’t want to publish more than one game in the same genre. Both the GBA and DS had more than a dozen Nintendo-published RPGs, and the Wii and 3DS got RPGs even after Xenoblade released for them. I don’t see why Xenoblade would stop a Switch Golden Sun, especially when they are very different kinds of RPGs. GS is actually closer to Octopath Traveler, whose success was enough to impress SE, why wouldn’t Nintendo want a piece?
Really, I think the biggest obstacle is that Nintendo might want to prioritize the safe investment of Mario sports games over Golden Sun, but the more I research, the more I feel like GS’s chances are higher now than they were at any point in the last ten years.
I feel there’s hope this sun will rise again
Chances: Above average
Kid Icarus
Sorry to keep you waiting.
Kid Icarus was an OK NES game that had a forgotten Game Boy sequel and then nobody cared about it for 19 years until it was unexpectedly revived for the 3DS in 2012. This story is a testament to the fact that, just because its been a long time, it doesn’t mean it will never happen. But in order to know if it will happen again, let’s understand how it happened in the first place.
It’s important to mention that reviving Kid Icarus was not the intent behind KI: Uprising, it was the idea of its director, Masahiro Sakurai. Nintendo had given him a project and Sakurai decided to use an established franchise for it. He briefly considered Star Fox, but decided to use Kid Icarus, for which he probably had a soft spot, considering he had added Pit to Brawl some years earlier. So, there wasn’t an exec at Nintendo who woke up one day and decided to bring Kid Icarus back, they gave the director a project, and, after some deliberation, he decided to use Kid Icarus for it.
That director is currently busy developing Smash Bros DLC, but even after that’s over, he probably won’t revisit Kid Icarus. He has shot down the idea of him working on a sequel or a port. His words were: "For now, my thought is that perhaps we'll see someone else besides me make another Kid Icarus in another 25 years." Yikes. That’s pretty damning. Sure, Nintendo could get someone else to make the game, but if it was only Sakurai that was interested in the series in the first place, what is the hope of that?
Well, that statement is not super accurate. Before Uprising, there was actually a Kid Icarus reboot in development for the Wii. It was cancelled, and thank God for it, as it was an awfully stupid gritty reboot, but it showed that there was interest in the franchise even before Uprising. Naturally, you’d expect interest to be bigger now than before.
The fact that Uprising not only grew the series’ fanbase, but the that there are Kid Icarus characters in Smash Bros, means that the franchise has a permanent place in the interest in Nintendo fans. Smash in particular means that there are 18 million people who know Pit and Palutena and would turn their heads if a new game was announced. Furthermore, Nintendo’s new CEO is interested in bringing 3DS franchises to the Switch after the success of the Switch Lite, especially now that the 3DS is officially dead, so the opening is there for it.
There is definitely demand for a new Kid Icarus game, but it is too sporadic a franchise to be certain, and if it were to happen, Nintendo would have to find someone new to do it. But, in the end, the series is definitely in a better place now than it was 10 years ago.
Chances: Medium
Legendary Starfy
Legendary Starfy was a 2D platformer for the GBA that was apparently really successful, as it received four sequels in the span of five years. Not only that but, like Barbara and Chibi-Robo, Starfy himself was quite popular. He had cameos in Mario & Luigi and Super Princess Peach, music of the series was in Donkey Konga, he is a regular Assist Trophy in Smash and was a costume in Mario Maker. Though the series took until the last game to come to the West, there were plans to bring the first four games too, as well as consideration for expanding the series to the Wii. The series was widely advertised, with animated commercials and tons of merchandise, including plush dolls, CDs, pencils, birthday balloons, casino cards and two manga series. When asked if there were plans for a sixth game, the developer answered “Yes!”, no ifs, not buts, straight-up Yes.
And then… nothing. The series just stopped. And the reason why is: I have no idea. Maybe if the last game bombed spectacularly, but it doesn’t seem to be the case. Sure, Japanese sales declined with each entry, but not by that much. Maybe NA sales weren’t what Nintendo was hoping for, but surely not enough to kill such a steady franchise.
The confusion only grows when we look at its developer, Tose. Now, this is interesting. You’ve probably played a Tose game without knowing. They have worked on over A THOUSAND GAMES, but they never receive credit. They merely assist with development in the shadows. As one exec puts it: "Our policy is not to have a vision. Instead, we follow our customers' visions. Most of the time we refuse to put our name on the games, not even staff names." They are a ghost developer. Even its Wikipedia page admits that the list of games on it is purely speculative. There are probably hundreds more, that we don’t know about.
The only exception is the Starfy series. That series was their vision. So why did they stop? Could they have decided that it was against their vision to make a game of their vision? We can only speculate.
The fact that the series’ end was so unexpected, and its developer so mysterious, means that any speculation about it is a shot in the dark. All I can say is that there’s no particular reason to expect it.
Chances: Not Good
Here’s a big one. Nintendogs was one of the biggest successes of the casual era, on par with Brain Age and Wii Fit, but unlike those, it remained a multi-million seller during the 3DS/WiiU generation. And though Nintendo may have tried, at first, to distance the Switch from that era, the return of Brain Age and Clubhouse Games indicates that other casual games would follow, and Nintendogs would be a no-brainer.
There is, however, one big problem: the Switch does not have a microphone. While Brain Age on the DS also used the microphone a lot, it was not essential to it. You could easily make Brain Age without it. But not Nintendogs. Issuing voice commands to your virtual pup is integral to the experience. No microphone means no Nintendogs.
But with that said, Nintendo did go to the trouble of making a Switch stylus, seemingly just for Brain Age, so maybe they could make a microphone peripheral. Sure, a microphone would be more complex to make than a stylus, but not inconceivable. They did something like that with the Wii Speak. I’m sure for that nintendogs money, Nintendo would do it.
Worst case scenario, Nintendo releases Nintendogs and forces you to use the NSO app’s voice chat to talk with your dog. You know they’d do it.
There’s also the fact that another developer released a nintendogs clone for the Switch last year, but I don’t think Nintendo gives a shit.
Chances: Good
Nintendo Wars
You may know this series better as “Advance Wars” and you may also know that it is fantastic. In fact, it is one of the highest rated Nintendo franchises on Metacritic, and had a pretty consistent release schedule between 1988 and 2008. All was looking pretty god. But unfortunately the series has been dormant since the last entry on DS. Part of it may be because the series, though originally Japan-only, was never all that popular in Japan. In fact, that last game only saw a limited release as a My Nintendo reward in the region.
There is, however, still demand for the series, both externally and internally. Producers from both Nintendo and developer Intelligent Systems have expressed enthusiastic support for a new entry, although they’ve also expressed some uncertainty on what they’d do with it, similar to the Custom Robo and F-Zero responses.
The developer for the series is Intelligent Systems, who do a ton of stuff and will be discussed multiple times in this post. They used to release multiple games a year, but have slowed down this past game to just one or two games a year, another possible reason why Advance Wars has been deprioritized, especially in comparison with that boogeyman of Advance Wars and Smash Bros fans alike: Fire Emblem. There is real concern that Nintendo might not want to make a new Advance Wars when they could just make the similar but more popular Fire Emblem instead.
That said, IS has already released a Fire Emblem and Paper Mario for Switch, and though we definitely will get at least one more FE during the Switch’s life cycle, there’s enough years left for IS to release some other games, whether they be AW or one of the three other franchises we’ll discuss in the future. Problem is, of those franchises, AW might be the most difficult to produce, and the most risky, so it could probably be lower priority. When asked about the series last year, one IS producer gave a pretty evasive answer, so things aren’t looking too good, but they aren’t hopeless either.
Chances: Medium
Ouendan/Elite Beat Agents
This rhythm series for the DS is widely beloved by those who played it, but its life cycle was pretty limited. One game in 2005, and Americanized version in 2006, and one sequel in 2007. Nothing more since The games were critically acclaimed, but not blockbuster hits.
The series creator said back in 2016 that he would love to create a new game, but nothing else has been said about it. The game’s developer iNis, doesn’t appear to be super active either.
All in all, there is very little pointing to a return
Chances: Bad
The biggest obstacle to seeing this series of arcadey flight sims on the Switch is that the series has a very specific purpose: it’s a tech demo. All three games were launch titles for their systems and explicitly meant to show off each system’s new tech. The original game was made to show off the SNES’ Mode 7, the N64 game was meant to show off the console’s polygonal graphics, and Resort was meant to showcase the 3DS’ stereoscopic 3D. With the Switch’s release far behind us, and its graphics not really needing a showcase, Pilotwings chances seem low. Granted, Pilotwings doesn’t need to be a tech demo, but it could be how Nintendo views it as.
There is some fan demand for it, but not as much as F-Zero or Golden Sun, and no developer has commented on the possibility of a return. Pilotwings has always been moderately successful, but not enough to justify constant releases. The only glimmer of hope is the comment from Nintendo’s CEO about wanting to bring more 3DS franchises for the Switch, but it’s quite possible that he didn’t have Pilotwings in mind when he said that
Chances: Bad
Another series popular enough to get a Smash character but not popular enough for consistent sequels, Punch-Out is a beloved classic with a consistent fanbase, but with a very erratic release schedule. After the SNES game in 1994, the series lay dormant for 15 years until it was revived for the Wii in 2009 and then laid to rest again. One explanation is that the series was never really popular in Japan. Neither the NES or SNES games were even available as full releases in the country, being instead, distributed as prizes or rewards. And though the Wii game got a full retail release, it sold very poorly. It’s always been a game more for Americans, so it is understandable that the Japanese developers at Nintendo aren’t super enthusiastic about it. That said, it was Nintendo who pitched the reboot in the first place, so they may want to do it again someday.
The developer for the Wii game was Next Level Games, who release a game every three or two years, and they also develop Mario Strikers and Luigi’s Mansion. Having already released LM3, it’s likely they’ll release another game for the Switch some time soon. That could be Punch-Out, but it is just as likely that it could be Mario Strikers, or something else entirely.
Some think that the series use of flagrant national stereotypes would impede it from coming back in today’s political climate, but frankly, I don’t think that’s as definitive a problem. Worst case scenario, they simply make a new cast, just like Super Punch Out, but less racially insensitive.
Another interesting development is that Mike Tyson has been talking about wanting a new Punch-Out this year. I don’t think Nintendo cares what he says, and they definitely don’t want to associate with him again, but it is a pretty high-profile person talking about the series, which is bound to raise interest. Whether that’s enough for Nintendo to consider a new game? I don’t think so. But regardless, Punch-Out is popular enough that the door is never truly closed for it.
Chances: Not Good
This acclaimed puzzle game was released for the 3DS eshop in 2012 and was successful enough to get three sequels. Although it hasn’t been seen since 2015, there doesn’t seem to be anything impeding its return. The developer is our good friend Intelligent Systems, and, of the aforementioned IS franchises still to launch on the Switch, Pushmo, being a simple, but beloved, puzzle game, seems like the safest investment. It likely could be developed alongside another major game.
There is demand for it, and considering Nintendo’s eshop efforts, Pushmo would fit in perfectly alongside Snipperclips and fellow 3DS eshop puzzle star Boxboy. All in all, there’s no reason not to expect Pushmo to come back.
Chances: Good
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Nikky Foxs Drag Race S:2 EP:3 The Vegas RuSical

Nikky Foxs Drag Race S:2 EP:3 The Vegas RuSical
Queens Enter after Tokyos Elimination
Soshilina:well our tokyo is gone
Joanna:im not gona lie i thought she will make it to the end
Anita:same i mean her entrence was gag worthy
Maja:so yall are saying i should go home tonight?
Antoniette:well your talent show was maybe the weakest
Maja:speak for your fucking self
Antoniette:girl i am not trying to be in another drama so relax
Maja:fucking bullshit*snatches off her wig*
Jay L.Bird and Soshilina step to the back
Jay:so i thought if we could have some our time alone togetter?
Soshillina:sorry sis its not time for sex this is a competision and i was safelast week so i need to step it up*walks to the girls*
Jay Sobs
Anita:so lets congrats our winner Debbie Delight!!!
Antoniette:you fucking deserve it
Kit:not really,im sorry but im just pissed i was safe
Nina:i was low sis so shut your ass up
Kit:try me bitch!
Nina Throws her hill at her face
Kits nose starts to bleed
Kit:bitch,what the heck*slaps Nina\*
Nina and Kit starts to fight
Debbie:guys guys relax!!!!!
Bea:Nina relax*pushes them back*
Bea:stop it yall are adults
Nina:by her personality,shes not!
Kit:fuck off bitch!
Anita:well we know eachother for 3 weeks and there are coupels and fights!
Queens enter the room
Kit walks in with her red nose....WFFUIFUHFUE LOL
Joanna:well ladies i cant wait for the next challange
Maja:i cant wait to be in the bottom again
Anita:you gona be fine girl!
Maja CF:anita is to nice,i dont trust that bitch!
Bea:well i hope we are doing comedyyyyyy
Queens scream of joy
Foxy Mail:ladies vegas id full of lights,casinos and suprises and the most intresting part their performance!
Antoniette:fuck talent show again,lol
Nikky Fox comes in:HELLO HELLO HELLO MY SHOW GIRLS,Ladies this week is gona be full of energy,costumes and lights beacse we are having a Vegas RuSical ladies but first please welcome our vegas show girls Derick Berry and farrah moan,ladies derick will teach you moves and farrah will teach you how do you sexy on stage,ladies and on the runway this week yall are gona be my Vegas Show Girls
Nikky,farrah and derick leaved the room
Anita CF:let me say i can lip sync and sing but write a song.....or even energetc dance.....
Maja Sleeps on The Sofa
Kit CF:im sweating over here and making my costume work when that bitch is over there sleeping!
Joanne:girlllll you got to learn the lyrics and learn those dance moves
Maja:bitch im a show girl let me sleep
Anita:maja its better to learns those dance moves lady!
Jay:girl ima win this challage!
Soshilina:in your dreams boi
Queens are doing their makeup
They hear a loud BAM
Anita:oh my god its my look!
Nina:let me help
Anita:great the look ripped
Nina:sis yu helped my makeup,lets help your look
Lady:or wear your backup
Debbie:yeah your backup its actually better then the OG look for me
Anita:ok then but its really not me tho......But i think its time for a little change!
Nina:period girl
Nikky fox is comming down the stage

Nikky Fox:welcome to Nikky foxs drag race Season 2,please welcome our 2 special 2 guest judges!
Farrah Moan

Derick Barry

Farrah:awwwww hi nikky
Derick:its derick bitch,hiiii!
Nikky:period,but this week my queens had to perform a Vegas rusical number and on the runway they had to be my Vegas show Girls!
*after the rusical\*
Nikky fox:well its time for the runway the theme is....Vegas Show Girls
Debbie Delight

Joanna Fidelia

Bea Darling

Anita Drink
Jay L.Bird

Soshilina Evangelista

Kit Anna

Lady Hyacinth

Nina Carlye

Antoniette Avangaar
Maja Blanca
She didnt gave a look!
Nikky fox:ladies me,deric and farrah made some decisions!
Farrah moan:ladies when incall your name please step forward.....Debbie Delight,Lady Hyacinth and Bea Darling ladies you are safe,you may go untuck back stage
Lady Hyacinth CF:the whole competision i am safe like girl thats my third time i need to step my game up
Bea Darling CF:i fell very ok that im safe this week,but i gues i would be happy if i was high
Debbie CF:after i won last week i know im sronger then safe so....i need my second win!
Bea:well where my drink at
Lady:in untuck we dont have drinks we have popcorn and soda
Bea:better then my tap water in my room
Lady Laughs
Lady:so who gona win?
Bea:i swear if soshilina gets her second win,girl.....she was amazing and i hate that!
Bea:gurl soshilina is killing it but maybe Kit has this win!
Ladies talk
Derick:that means you represent tops and bottoms
First up Anita drink
Nikky fox:today your energy was very low and you didnt catch the moves!
Farrah Moan:but this runway its my favorite today,i think you look sexy and glam and thats what i need from evryone!
Derick:the Singing was on point to be real you have a voice of an angel,it was not a comedy rusical but you made it funny!
Joanna Fidelia
Nikky fox:today your energy was fucking fierce ,you knew evry word of your lyrics
Farrah Moan:today you look fucking fierce,you are showing that body-ody-ody!
Derick:the singing was not the best but ok you made it really intresting to watch
Jay L.Bird
Nikky Fox:your energy was very low this week and im very suprised about that
Farrah Moan:you look fierce today,you represent the kings and you did it amazing
Derick:the singing was very bad your voice was shaking like crazy and thats not it!
Soshilina Evangelista
Nikky Fox:today you were great,when the camera was not on you,you still performed the house down!
Farrah Moan:today you look like a fucking fierce ass diva whos going to a crazy rich vegas party!
Derick Barry:you were high energy your voice was like beyonce and thats on perioddddd
Kit Anna
Nikky Fox:today you did high kick into a split and i way living great job
Farrah Moan:not my favorite runway today,but mama you still look like star
Derick Barry:your voice its soooooo good you should be proud
Nina Carlye
Nikky Fox:im not gona lie,i didnt have an idea you wear such a good dancer beacuse you what....killed it!
Farrah Moan:you look very good today beacuse this colour just looks so damn good on you!
Derick Barry:You were very shaking when u sang but at the end you killed it!
Antoniette Avangaar
Nikky Fox:ima tell for evrything,runway,energy singing was meh.....
Maja Blanca
Nikky Fox:your dancing was ofc perfect but the energy once again was low
Farrah Moan:you ddint had a look....girl its season 2!
Derick Barry:I-your singing was so shaking that it was so awkward
Nikky Fox:ladies i made some decisions.........Nina and Joanna great job today you ladies are safe
Nikky fox:Kit Anna,........condragulations you are the winner of this weeks challange,thst means Soshilina you are safe
Nikky Fox:ladies 2 of you are safe and those are.....Anita Drink and Antoniette may step to the back of the stage
Nikky Fox:that means Jay L.Bird and Maja Blanca im sorry my foxies but you are up for elimination!
Nikky fox:my foxies you need to perform a lip sync by Spice Girls"Spice Up Your life"
Jay starts by taking off his cape and he brings a little comedy,Maja starts by shaking her boobies and doing her chill dancing,Jay ddi an cartweel into a deathdroop,Maja does not know the words but she stilll fights and she ddi one again high kick into a split,Jay ends it with his sexy movements on the floor,Maja end it with a slowsplit
Anita CF:this lip sync was a mess!
Nikky Fox:ummm meh,but Jay L.Bird shantay you stay
Maja:nikky girl you dont need to say nothing,All Stars here I come.
Maja CF: I might be going home but I know myself that I did my best and better get ready cause All Stars is where I will win.
Nikky:well amen!!!!
Hiii next week we are having a roast so come with 3 roast jokes at least 1 of them needs to be of nikky foxand the last 2 can be whatever you want and on the runway i need your Blue and Yellow looks
See yall
Kit anna-toot
Joanna Fidelia-toot
Nina Carlye-toot
Debbie Delight-soft toot
Bea Darling-boot(sorry)
Lady hyacinth-toot
Antoniette Avangaar-boot
Anita Drnk-Shoot
Jay L.Bird-toot
Maja Blanca-didnt get the look
TOP TOOT OF THE WEEK-Soshilina and Anita Drink
u/Sotoryfaeu/ShaankZ u/sharris2475u/CelestialWizard07u/Morgan1307 u/Soshiwoshi u/xtinamaniac
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Persona 5's Plot is based on Steely Dan's 1972 Album, 'Can't Buy A Thrill'

Ok so, from reading the title, I know this must seem just totally batshit. But bear with me, I swear there's a connection here. All of the major Story Beats in Persona 5 can be linked to at least one song on Steely Dan's seminal 1972 album, Can't Buy A Thrill.
So, where to begin - the beginning seems like a good enough place, both of the album and the story. Our protagonist's journey begins with his false imprisonment on an assault charge after protecting a woman from a powerful politician's drunken advances, and this beginning of the plot is echoed in the first verse of the first song on the album, 'Do It Again' - The lyrics go as follows:
'In the mornin' you go gunning for the man who stole your wate
And you fire till he is done in but they catch you at the borde
And the mourners are all singin' as they drag you by your feet/
But the hangman isn't hangin' and they put you on the street.'
The 'morning' here refers to the figurative morning of the story, at its beginning. The man who stole your water is Shido - not in a literal sense, but rather that he has massively affected your life. The lyric 'you fire till he is done in but they catch you at the border' refers to the Protagonist's victory over Shido in the short-term, and subsequent imprisonment. The 'mourners' are the life that the Protagonist leaves behind after his assault charge, and his being 'put on the street' is in reference to how he is turned away and forced to live in Tokyo.
Onto the next verse:
When you know she's no high climber, then you find your only friend/
In a room with your two timer, and you're sure you're near the end/
Then you love a little wild one, and she brings you only sorrow/
All the time you know she's smilin', you'll be on your knees tomorrow'
This could be interpreted to be about the early days at Shujin - The first line could be in reference to the cutscene where the protagonist and Ann first meet - that the protagonist knows she's 'no high climber' because of her kindness toward him, and then you 'find your only friend' immediately after in the form of Ryuji, who disregards all the rumours about you. 'In a room with your two timer' could, fittingly enough have multiple meanings - the 'two timer' could be Kamoshida, with his double identity between himself and his shadow, or it could be Ann, who is falsely perceived by the students to be 'two timing' Kamoshida. The 'wild one' mentioned in the next line could also be Ann, due to her costume and namesake, as Panther. Finally, the last line 'All the time you know she's smilin' references Ann's new hope after joining the Phantom thieves, and the lyric 'You'll be on your knees tomorrow' references Kamoshida's shadow after its defeat, as he sinks to his knees.
So, what's next? Well, we will come back to this song later, but for now, the plot moves along to the next song on the album, 'Dirty Work', and how it references Madarame's Arc. The song begins
'Times are hard, you're afraid to pay the fee/
so you find yourself somebody, who can do the job for free'
These introductory lyrics align closely with Madarame and Yusuke's story - the hard times Madarame falls upon are his art block, and he is 'afraid to pay the fee' of suffering for his lack of productivity, so he finds himself somebody 'who can do the job for free' - his many apprentices, whose artwork he steals. The chorus, in turn, exemplifies Yusuke's part of the story after his awakening:
'I'm a fool to do your dirty work, oh yeah/
I don't wanna do your dirty work, no more'
Yusuke realises Madarame's complicity and no longer wishes to work under him. Indeed, the line in the second verse
'I foresee terrible trouble, and I stay here just the same'
could show Yusuke's mindset - he subconsciously knows something is wrong, but continues to labour under Madarame.
Next is Kaneshiro's Palace, and a few songs on the album go with this. However, I'd argue the two most poignant are 'Brooklyn Owes The Charmer Under Me' and 'Midnite Cruiser', both of which deal with similar themes. Brooklyn Owes..., specifically uses these themes of luxury, as with the themes of Kaneshiro's palace. Check out these lyrics:
'A race of angels bound to one anothe
a dish of dollars laid out for all to see'
The angels specifically here could reference the shadows, who are themselves bound, and the dish of dollars carries with it themes of luxury, as well as echoing Kaneshiro's desire to be seen as wealthy and powerful. However, his true nature is succinctly expressed in 'Midnite Cruiser', in the lyrics:
'Tell me where are you driving, Midnite Cruiser?/
Where is your bounty of fortune and fame/
I am another gentleman lose
drive me to Harlem, or somewhere the same.'
In this chorus, one can see a reflection of Kaneshiro's true nature - his desire for 'fortune and fame' and his status as a 'Gentleman loser' show that he has already tacitly accepted his failure, and in turn highlights the vanity of his efforts in the real world. Finally, in 'Brooklyn owes...', the lyric
'A case of aces done up loose for dealing' echoes the nature of Kaneshiro's treasure, the briefcase full of fake cash - the ace itself symbolically implies value, but the fact that there is a case thereof significantly diminishes this, and shows the phony nature of Kaneshiro's wealth.
Next is Futaba, and with her palace, the song 'Fire In The Hole', which rather aptly summarises the nature of her tragedy. The first verse is as follows:
' I decline to walk the line They tell me that I'm lazy Worldly wise, I realize That everybody's crazy A woman's voice reminds me To serve and not to speak, am I myself or just another freak?'
The consistent reference to a 'they' in these lines points to a feeling of alienation from the outside world, and the specific problems mentioned, of being lazy or crazy, could easily match up with one's perceptions of what they think the people around them think of their faults. All of this corresponds to Futaba hiding herself away in her room. The 'woman's voice' would be her hallucinations of Wakaba disparaging her, and the questioning of her own identity or if she's 'just another freak' denote her feelings of low self esteem. The next verse contains the lyrics
'My life is boiling ove
it's happened once before/
I wish someone would open up the door'
which pretty aptly summarise Futaba's situation - her increased feelings of stress ('life is boiling over') and her wish that someone would 'open up the door' showing a nascent desire to no longer sequester herself - this could be the catalyst for her demand of the Phantom Thieves to change her heart.
Next is Okumura's palace, which I feel embodies best the song 'Only A Fool Would Say That'. Right from the outset, the disparaging title makes it clear that the person who would say this is prideful. Okumura's greed takes on a corporate façade of colourful advertising, but behind the curtain it is incredibly harmful. This song describes the downtrodden condition of the worker:
'The man in the street, dragging his feet/
don't wanna hear the bad news.'
as well as how the narrator, who we already know is prideful, declares that only a fool would believe in better things:
'I heard it was you/
talkin' 'bout a world where all is free/
it just couldn't be/
and only a fool would say that'
This shows the greed of taking advantage of the workers in this way, and the hypocrisy of Okumura in the diametrically opposed views of Okumura Foods that the public gets - the cheerful, outward facing façade, complete with space theming, and the horrific reality of being consistently beaten down and overworked, all the while being told that better things aren't possible.
Next is Sae's palace, which corresponds to the final verse of 'Do It Again' - in this way we can see the recursive nature of the plot, taking us back to the beginning of the album and the story through the flashbacks to Sae. This recursive nature is emphasised by the line in the bridge:
'You go back, Jack, do it again/
wheel turnin' round and round'
The final verse goes as follows:
'Now you swear and kick and beg us that you're not a gambling man/
then you find you're back in Vegas with a handle in your hand/
Your black cards can make you money, so you hide them when you're able/
in the land of milk and honey, you must put them on the table'
This verse is especially interesting to me - the casino theming is obvious, but it also denotes the Thieves' character arcs in a poignant manner. The first line deals with misconceptions, a theme for most characters in the story - each of them is misinterpreted or seen as something they're not, usually by the forces of the law or the establishment. However, this same alienation drives them to actually become the thieves that society has t out for the most - that they 'find (they're) back in Vegas' shows that they have taken in society's misconceptions and reclaimed them as their own. This makes sense in the context of the story, as the Phantom Thieves' full team has assembled, and they are striking back against the most distilled representation of the establishment thus far - Sae Niijima, a corrupt prosecutor who has been seen. up until this point, in a negative light. The hiding of the black cards represents striking back at an unjust system - if you cheat in a Casino, you're already winning against a heavily weighted house. It could also represent the deception of Akechi surrounding Joker, their ace in the hole - in the context of this line the cards would be hidden from the dealer, and as such this implies that Akechi is on the side of the house, the dealer, and the corrupt adults. The 'land of milk and honey' is what is promised for those who follow the rules, and shows Akechi's deception of the thieves - both parties end up putting their cards on the table, and it is only thanks to the Thieves' plotting that they end up beating the house, so to speak.
Finally, Shido's Palace is best suited to the song 'Kings', unsurprisingly. The song itself details the American political climate during the Vietnam War, but also acts as an effective allegory for Shido's nationalistic political aspirations. The song is from the point of view of an apathetic citizenry, in keeping with the story, and shows the tyrannical nature of being ruled, as well as the suffering of everyday people, comparing these world leaders to the Kings of old, carrying out vast campaigns while their subjects suffered. Here is the chorus:
We seen the last of Good King Richard/
Ring out the past, his name lives on, and on/
Roll out the bones, and raise up your pitche
Raise your glass for Good King John'.
The specific reference to Kings Richard and John is interesting, as they are two characters who are especially major contextually in the story of, you guessed it, Robin Hood. The same Robin Hood that Akechi's persona is based on. The song admits that:
'While he plundered far and wide/
all his starving children cried'
- this could be in reference to Akechi's tragic upbringing, or more figuratively the fate of the nation when policy is abandoned for nationalistic glory seeking. This is further exemplified in the lines
'And though we sung his fame/
we went hungry just the same.'
which reinforces this idea. The apathy of the citizenry also carries this over to the final major plot beat (excluding Royal's events, which I will leave out cause my arms are getting tired) - Yaldabaoth, and his control over the people. The overthrow of the king, both in the stealing of Shido's heart and the killing of Yaldabaoth, show the determination of the phantom thieves against the apathetic nature of the populace, and shows that the will to change society can accomplish much.
Anyway, in conclusion, listen to more Steely Dan, and play more Persona.
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Producer's Letter Vol 41 (July 2020)

Sorry quite late on this one! But here is the Producer's Letter. Mostly contains info about weapons update!
(From tales of the rays discord, thanks! Also thanks u/EZog58 for letting me know about it lol)
Tales of the Rays Producer Letter Vol. 41
Firstly, we would like to apologize for all the bugs with the gacha we’ve had. Working remotely has messed with our communications and led to unfortunate happenings such as these, but we would like to review our working and bring you our best possible. Next is the info for the ver 4.0.0 update planned to release with Arc 4 and the info for the upcoming 3.11.0 and 3.12.0 updates.
Ver.4.0.0 Update Info (Planned for release with Arc 4):
  • As stated above, this update is planned to release with the start of Arc 4 (Autumn). With this update will come one of the milestones mentioned in the previous letter, the renewal of the enhancement system (we said this might take until the end of the year but we were able to sort things out much faster than expected).
  • As aforementioned, parameters will be bound to characters, and artes will be able to be separated from their equipment. The following is the specifics to how this will work.
  • First, equipment and MAs will, as per usual, be obtainable through gacha. This system will not change. Until now, characters’ battle power was set with 4 equipment and 2 MA slots, with the unequipped equipment just simply for arte variation. And thus many unused equipment from over 160 characters ended up being thrown into the storage, making the enhancing such a pain to do.
Ver4.0.0 aims to clear this problem in the below fashion:
  • The addition of a parameter to characters called “Equipment Lv (Temp)”. Obtaining certain equipment will boost this parameter.
  • For the most part, equipment with higher rarities along with Limit Break amounts will give a higher boost to the Equipment Lv. Along with obtaining equipment, it will also be possible to use certain items to increase the Equipment Lv.
Now the worry at this point is what will happen to all of the enhancing done up till now? All of the Limit Break/weapon obtainment up till the update will all be reflected into the characters’ Equipment Lvs. And another thing to note, characters’ battle powers will most definitely not decrease after the update. The following are some other changes to note:
  • Auto LB/Auto Sell: Obtained equipment will be automatically Limit Broken, and Max LB equipment will be automatically sold when obtained further.
  • With the addition of the Equipment Lv parameter, storage space will no longer be needed, so the equipment slots and storage will be removed. Of course, the dia and MRG you used to expand their spaces will be refunded.
  • Learning Artes: As stated above, equipment is turned into Equipment Lv, so artes and MAs will be learned after the first obtainment of their respective equipment. Artes will be equipped in the same fashion as is the current, and they will also be enhanced in the same way as is now. Arte enhancing will also be shortened at this point (you won’t need to unlock each enhance one at a time).
Just explaining with words may not have been clear, but we just thought that we should take the opportunity to give you this information. Further details will be given in a P letter closer to the update.
Ver.3.11.0 Update Info (Planned for release in Mid July) and Ver.3.12.0 Update Info (Planned for release at the end of July):
“The Rays of Festival” (one of the 2020 milestones) will be implemented with ver3.11.0. “The Rays of Festival” will feature things such as a free multi gacha every day and rerunning fan fave Raid Events all in a 10 day span. Another such event in this span is the “Crossover Voting Event”: - This event only occurs during “The Rays of Festival”. It is an event where 6 pairs of possible Crossovers are shown, and the player-voted top 3 pairs will receive Crossover MAs during the next Rays of Festival. Voting points will be obtained by clearing a stage(s) with limited numbers of runs per day. The score obtained in the “Voting Quest” will be reflected into the voting points you can use for the Crossover vote. The first half of the vote will decide first and second places, and the second half will decide third place. Scores in the voting events will increase if the party includes featured characters, and in addition will give gifts with high trust points. And like Grade from the original games, additional scores can be obtained by meeting certain in-battle requirements.
App start time shortened (ver3.12.0)
Super Programmer “N” who joined in April has used his skills to find all the problems that were causing the insane load times! We are currently testing it, and we hope to be able to get it all in at this update.
Auto LB/Auto sell (ver3.12.0) - This is the feature in preparation for ver4.0.0 that was mentioned earlier.
  • And an additional warning until ver4.0.0 comes. The update will sort all of the equipment you have so for some that amounts to an abominable amount of data….we recommend that you use this auto LB/sell system to organize your equipment so that the updating goes as smoothly as possible. This system can be set to on/off as you like.
July Event Schedule:
Narikiri Dungeon X 10th Anniversary Event with Dio and Mel (Middle of July)
  • Congrats on 10th anniversary, NariDunX! It’s actually supposed to be August 5th but forgive us for being a bit early. And unfortunately as stated in twitter, Albert will not be present….(cries in deep sorrow). And because of his absence, Dio and Mel will not be able to unleash their full potential as Narikirists. However, some of their Narikirist powers will be included. By unleashing a Critical or using certain MAs, Dio and Mel can execute what is called a Class Up, and their costume will change along with their artes becoming stronger.
  • Dio: Samurai  Sword Imperial
  • Mel: Witch  High Witch
  • For Dio, his attack speed will increase along with getting additional attacks in, and Mel’s casting speed will increase along with getting increased hits and AOE. By defeating an enemy before the Class Up time is over, the Class Up time can be elongated. And as their Narikirist powers are limited, Dio will be fighting with only Samurai classes and Mel with only Witch classes.
“The Rays of Festival” (Late July)
  • The 3 Crossover MAs for the first Rays of Festival will feature the three that were voted the highest in the Rays scenes Twitter vote, being Mithos/Lloyd, Eizen/Edna, and Ruca/Spada. This really is a grand set fit for the first batch, and the animations along with the lines from the Rays story activates goosebumps overload. And the theme this for this time will be!
  • “Crossovers between characters who were able to use the same artes/Mystic Artes in their original games”
We’ll be gradually showing the pairings, so look forward to them!
Fairy’s Requiem Final Chapter Continued (Late July)
  • As previously mentioned, Arc 3 will end this month. Mercuria will officially join this chapter.
A Royal Summer! Swimsuit Event! With Agria and Symonne (End of July)
  • The annual Rays summer. This year’s summer is, well, quite something. It’s probably needless to say that a whole bunch of you were surprised by this month’s PV. With the Casino event from last May being relatively popular, we were thinking of again making an event with only enemy characters, and then, uh, that was chimera fused with words of a certain someone……”Saint in a swimsuit lol”
  • And as a result we got the Royal-ish evil saint ladies from the 90’s Tales with the little devil type girls from the 2000’s Tales in one event, which none of you could probably have guessed. All I can say for now is that it’s one heck of an event that can definitely only be done in Tir Na Nog.
End of P letter by yAnaGiSAwA☆P
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Recap of Scheana's Scheananigans Podcast with Ariana and Tom

Recap of Scheana's Scheananigans Podcast with Ariana and Tom
There have been a lot of posts recently about Scheana’s Scheananigans podcast with Ariana and Tom and her boyfriend Brock. Here is the transcript for those who can’t listen!
  • Scheana begins with fan questions. Hundreds were submitted took her a day to get through them.
  • For Ariana: How is self-isolating and her depression going? She said she was doing okay, the only thing was she was getting more messages on social media and had to work on not feeling like she had to answer every one immediately. She was also a little worried that she would feel overwhelmed with the regular pace of her responsibilities.
  • Brock says he hopes everyone comes out more educated on all matters of being a good person.
  • Tom says that he will be aware of playing poker in casinos and how dirty the chips are. He then describes what is a Sandy Bag ™ full of hand sanitizer and disposable gloves. (Tom Sandoval always shows up with his own “Sandy Bag” full of essentials to everything he’s involved in, he should start a side hustle. I would definitely buy a curated list or box from Sandy for an event I was planning b/c my man thinks of EVERYTHING!!)
  • Tom: Are you going to start a new band? He says Schwartz is actually taking DJ lessons and he’s going to start taking DJ lessons.
  • Scheana mentions how busy both she and Brock are. Brock has a new line of resistance bands coming out and he’s been crushing it with home workout videos due to self isolation.
  • Tom says he would love to do music, it’s low on the list. Working on whiskey with Shwartz, stricks men’s concealer and the Tom and Tom Cameos to support the employees.
  • Tom: How do you feel about Kristen and Ariana being friends and was there a moment it happened. Ariana says it’s old news, Scheana says since Seans 3 is showing now it’s fresh on people’s minds. She also mentions her wedding planner going off on IG stories.
  • Tom says it felt gradual, and Ariana said a step forward was when the girls went to see Britney Spears for Brittany’s birthday and that was a really fun trip.
  • Tom finishes up saying he’s really cool with it. Scheana ends by saying she got flooded with so many people asking if they would have a threesome. She wasn’t going to ask but wanted them to know.
  • Does Ariana feel support from the cast re: Jax says and her depression and her sexuality. Stassi reached out, of course, Tom and Scheana. But it’s also a heavy topic if you don’t see everyone all the time. Is open to more convos about it now it’s aired once isolation is over.
  • FMK Stassi, Kristen, Katie: Ariana would Fuck Kristen, Marry Katie and kick Stassi out because she leaves the furthest away.
  • Scheana says she picked Stassi because Stassi would do the same thing, but maybe now it’s Kristen, which is sad. Ariana says Kristen’s been kicked out of a lot of places lately.
  • Scheana said she would marry Kristen because she cooks, she cleans, I bet she’d scratch my back every night, she’d snuggle me.
  • Tom agrees with Ariana.
  • Where do they stand with Jax and how do they feel about comments about her sexuality? Ariana says they can’t say too much, but she doesn’t feel like she’s lost anything and it’s kind of gross to comment on anyone’s sexuality.
  • Tom says he doesn’t even know where to begin with Jax and the shit that comes out of his mouth. Maybe one day science will study his brain and tell him why...Brock says they’re struggling with corona right now but we will give them Jac problems.
  • They touch on Jax being on WWHL and the punishment from God comments. All agree Andy doesn't want to open that can of worms.
  • Producer Jerry asks how many rooms furnished left to go. Ariana closet being renovated. Master and two others done. They really need a dining room table.
  • Tom: Who had the best costume at his extra party? Beau with his combover and Stassi killed it. Also anyone who dressed like him.
  • Ariana liked Scheana and Dayna.
  • Tom excitedly says, “Hey you guys want to see something? I want to show you something!” and skurries off to go get it.
  • Ariana says to Brock and Scheana, “Show and Tell every time someone comes over and you guys are like, virtually over.”
  • Tom comes back with a jacket his friend Melissa had made using his image from the Bon Jovi video.
  • Fave Cocktail from their book Trashy and Fancy: Ariana Trashy was Bloody Desperate and Toms Trashy that he and Tom do before filming Cameos is I Don’t Do Coke. They had done 73 Cameos. Each is 1-2 mins long.
  • Brock tells him to play it on the trumpet and Sandy delivers with a tiny trumpet and plays the VPR theme song.
  • Ariana: fave Britney Spears memories. All behind the videos, and going to her concert in a fancy boutique. Turquoise, flowy sleeves and low cut jeans.
  • Tom says they saw her for Scheana’s birthday and Ariana got so emotional and it made him emotional.
  • Tom: Best 3 item drink Quarantini? Muddle Citrus into Clear alcohol and add whatever other juice/soda you have. Cosmo: 4 lime wedges muddled into simple syrup, vodka and dash of cranberry. Best cosmo ever.
  • If Jax wanted the Tom’s to switch places, why not ask them himself? Tom breaks it down: “I mean look, Jax is a fucking PUSSY, okay That’s all I can say, dude. The guy literally talks relentless shit about me on Twitter and then he’ll come into to fucking Tom Tom and high five me like we’re boys. Like I don’t see it just because he’s not @ me when he talks shit. This is why I finally said something when he was talking shit about me. I was like dude, this is your fucking wedding episode and you’re taking all of this time to talk shit about it. If you don’t like me, don’t fucking mention me. I should be nothing. You should just NOT talk about me."
  • Sandy says if he was mad he wouldn’t keep talking about it. He would talk the band, how magical the wedding was. How awesome the road there was.
  • Scheana says maybe scientists one day will get it.
  • When Sandy talked to individual people about the pastor everyone had their own things to say about it that were opinionated.
  • When Tom brought it up, all of them were like, hmmm no, HOW DARE YOU TOM?
  • They all talked about it, they all agreed and knew it was fucked up and then they all stabbed him in the back and threw him under the bus.
  • OG cast doesn’t like somebody and tries to get them kicked off of the show or excluded out of situations.
  • Sandy doesn’t understand and said after Kristen broke up he worried about his safety and didn’t try to get her kicked off. He said the show was them being forced into places where they might not all be getting along and the OG cast forgets that.
  • He says if he didn’t bring up the pastor stuff or the things wouldn’t have happened with the wedding what exactly would they be talking about on the show.
  • Scheana says in the old episodes how different things were.
  • Scheana and Ariana aren’t in her wedding for example, and that's fine have whoever you want in it. But they were friends with her first and now she will pop off on them and never Katie and Stassi and ponders if they have a pact.
  • Sandy says publicist it was a decision for her to be friends with them and says they’re friends now.
  • Ariana says they are all friends now, and how Lala won’t pop off on Katie or Stassi.
  • If Ariana was to pop off on Katie or Stassi or Lala, she would have ten people jumping at her. If they come off at her, it’s just her alone.
  • Sandy says he wishes they would understand how it doesn’t help the show or them.
  • Ariana understands wanting to protect friends, but it shouldn’t be so black and white. She wishes there would be more conversations about talking about the grey areas but also not turning it into a gang up.
  • Sandy says also letting it stay between the two involved. You can say well, maybe I agree with them or maybe I don’t agree with whatever but it’s between them.
  • Sandy cites the fight with Stassi and Katie came up yelling at him and belittling him in front of fans and whatever. Then Kristen came up and say he was jealous and yell at me. And then Schwartz come up and yell at me. And then Stassi coming up to yell at me. And then finally Lala come up and yell at me.
  • Tom said he shouldn’t have sent the text message, but there was a lot of history and maybe they don’t understand it all.
  • Ariana says wait, so would you say it’s not about the text messages? Everyone laughs.
  • Sandy says Katie is the "Shakespeare of Rage Texts"
  • Scheana agreed, said her words were vicious but she used really great vocabulary, especially at 6am.
  • Ariana says Katie should start a business were she composes rage texts. Start a Cameo or something like that where all she would do is rage text people.
  • Any moments you regret? Sandy says sending the stress texts to Stassi. Sobbing to Kristen. riana said Season 2 trying to be a good friend to Tom, and been like Fuck Tom I don't give a fuck, and people took it like she had a crush on him. She said Tom wasn't being a good friend to her at that point, laughing.
  • Fave Quarantine thing to do: Ariana said cooking, gardening, and general nesting behavior. Sandy likes to listen to an old school record player and he likes to have a cocktail and listen there.
  • He likes to mentally brainstorm and plan cool things for his house. He wants to install a secret passageway behind the wall.
  • Tom said biggest regret was that the house didn't come with one, and Ariana said, but what if...?
  • He's also building ax throwing pit. Ariana says he is NOT installing that. Sandy said he will just throw them during the day so it's not loud.
  • Tom has a foldable ax table idea etc, and Brock is DOWN.
  • They chat about trying to party together for Scheana's birthday. Ariana says definitely a Zoom party.
  • Are Stassi and Lala really that condescending? Ariana remembers early on in the season Lala said Ariana thinks she's better than everyone. She remembered Lala actually saying to Billie Lee and James that she was better than James. And now she's saying Raquel needs to know her place. She thought it was a projection.
  • Criticisms of you from a person on the internet, because you haven't spoken in awhile.
  • Sandy jumps in and says they gang up, they're assholes and they bully people. Then they get eaten alive on social media. Then they get mad at the people they were bullies to or assholes to like it's their fault.
  • Sandy says then they start saying Oh you think you're better than us, you're so self righteous. And Sandy is like, no. Why don't you just try to be a better person and not knock others down. Be respectful. Have compassion. Just be a better person.
  • Ariana says they then try to double down on why you deserved to get yelled at. Instead of having some thought that maybe I was wrong. She cites Jax as then double down to justify.
  • They said at the wedding Jax was so appreciative and they all agree.
  • They all say we had a great time, we all loved it.
  • They mention events that were all fun.
  • Ariana says the 4 of them stayed there all night having the best time and this was after they filmed.
  • She says Stassi tries to be condescendingly funny and will reel it in if it harms people. She said she's never seen what happened with Lala before.
  • Ariana said she wasn't going to walk out on Raquel, and maybe as long as if she was just there it was helpful.
  • Ariana didn't know what the fuck she was saying, said Lala was speaking word soup.
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D1000 rooms for Draven Manor

A haunted mansion with a twist, it was touched by the shrouded king, an inter-dimensional being of darkness, now the mansion acts as a pocket dimension with seemingly infinite rooms, and phases through time and space, having been photographed before it was technically created....
Feel free to throw in as many horror references as physically possible.
  1. Foyer
  2. Parlor
  3. Anteroom
  4. Wardrobe
  5. Balcony
  6. Study
  7. Master Bedroom
  8. Nursery'
  9. Graveyard
  10. Boneyard
  11. Bathroom
  12. Washroom
  13. Conservatory
  14. Storage
  15. Kitchen
  16. Dining Room
  17. Ballroom
  18. Laundry Room
  19. Butler's Room
  20. Hidden Room
  21. Fortune Teller's Room
  22. Mirror Room
  23. Projection Room
  24. Billiards Room
  25. Courtyard
  26. Rec Room
  27. Nana's Room
  28. Tea Room
  29. Astral Room
  30. Observatory
  31. Twins' Room
  32. Safari Room
  33. Ceramics Studio
  34. Armory
  35. Clockwork Room
  36. Telephone Room
  37. Art Studio
  38. Sitting Room
  39. Guest Room
  40. Sealed Room
  41. Well
  42. Secret Altar
  43. Pipe Room
  44. Cold Storage
  45. Breaker Room
  46. Cellar
  1. Sauna
  2. Indoor pool
  3. Broom closet
  1. Sewing room
  2. Library
  3. Boiler room
  4. Surgery room
  5. Greenhouse
  6. Pantry
  7. Morgue
  8. Exercise room
  9. Room just for a certain kind of pet (Google 'tarantula room')
  10. Game room
  11. Cell
  12. Woodshop
  13. Swimming pool
  14. Panic room
  15. Padded cell
  16. Torture chamber
  17. Alchemy lab
  18. Doll room
  19. Elevator
  20. Darkroom (like for developing photographs)
  21. Mail room
  1. The lotion room: Dozens if glass shelves hold hundreds bottles of lotion. Footsteps are muffled against the leather floor. The walls are made of living skin hidden behind thin wood panels which fold out of the way like shutters.
  2. The crime scene: A manikin lies motionless inside of a chalk outline. The decor is that of a seedy motel. Flies buzz lazily, crawling in and out of the the sink’s plumbing. Upon inspection a few strands of hair are found in the drain. If you pull them they slide out, slimy and damp, attached to a piece of scalp.
  3. The powder donut: a room with opulent furnishings. Overstuffed chairs and sofa’s welcome visitors. If sat upon, they release a white cloud. Poison? Mold? Anthrax? Powdered sugar? Mites? Only time will tell the effects.
  4. Abandoned room: all the furniture is covered in sheets. If lifted, nothing but dust is found under the cover.
  5. Throne Room
  6. Child’s bedroom
  7. Child’s playroom
  8. Tinkerer’s workshop
  9. Model train room (or world equivalent)
  10. Wood working room
  11. Warehouse storeroom
  12. Dangerous material storage
  13. Pastry kitchen (completely separate from normal kitchen)
  14. Smoke room (for curing meat)
  15. Walk-in closet full of fancy costumes
  16. Emergency supply room (full of water, fire suppressant, weapons, gas masks, and similar. Think prepper)
  17. Room of magically useless curiosities
  18. Statue room (full of statue figures)
  19. Portrait room (full of portraits)
  20. Sculpture room (not figures, more artistic)
  21. Room of stone where everything is made of marble
  22. Golden room (painted or real you decide)
  23. Peacock room (like the famous irl one, beautiful room that was decorated to match the gorgeous painting of peacocks that spans the entirety of the wall and ceiling
  24. Phoenix room (see peacock room, but Phoenix themed.)
  25. Mirrored room
  26. Cozy sitting room (fireplace and hot coco with marshmallows at the ready)
  27. Window room (each window shows a completely different view)
  28. Room filled with sand
  29. Bathroom with dead woman in bathtub (the shining)
Edit: more stuff
  1. Junk room
  2. Tower room
  3. Room of illusion (everyone inside appears to grow either horns or wings, mess with your party as you choose)
  4. Pentagram room
  5. Laboratory
  6. Medical wing
  7. Furnace room
  8. Crematorium
  9. Mausoleum
  10. Embalming room
  11. Padded cell
  12. Suspiciously Empty room
  13. Tavern
  14. Classy bar (like a five star hotel)
  15. Maid’s quarters
  16. Swimming pool
  17. Inhabited swimming pool
  18. Locker room
  19. Movie/play theater
  20. Backstage
  21. Loft
  22. Crawl space
  23. Call center
  24. Scroll room
  25. Interior of Pyramid
  26. Exterior of pyramid inside larger room
  27. Mummy’s Tomb
  28. Automaton room
  29. Trash compactor
  30. Control room
  31. Incubator room
  32. Apothecary
  33. Pharmacy
  34. Waiting room
  35. Stables
  36. Gymnasium
  37. Weight room
  38. Sewing room
  39. Glass cube room (think cabin in the woods)
  40. Rustic Cabin room
  41. Basement
  42. Earthquake room (you feel an earthquake with inside it, but the rest of the house in undisturbed)
  43. Room full of Fragile vases
  44. Room full of cut Flowers
  45. Room with one bloody handprint in the center of the floor
  46. Room with bed (bed has rumpled sheets and is warm to the touch)
  47. Room full of cats
  48. Room with axe stuck in door
  49. Room with typewriter and desk, papers with gibberish written on them are scattered over the floor
  50. Freezer
  51. Room with walls that are made of tree bark. Red sap oozes from it when touched. Smells of pine and mold. Mushrooms grow in patches
  52. Room full of moldy dead rats (perhaps an later temporal space of the live rat room, may seem eerily familiar if they have encountered the living rat room first)
  53. Living rat room: Room of food barrels, when disturbed, rats pour fourth (perhaps an earlier temporal space of the dead rat room, may seem eerily familiar if they have encountered the dead rat room first)
  54. Cheese room

  1. Masonry workshop
  2. Museum
  3. Reliquary
  4. Barracks
  5. Stables
  6. Menagerie
  1. Attic
  2. Boiler Room
  3. Catacombs
  4. Coach House
  5. Darkroom (photography)
  6. Furnace room
  7. Mad Science Laboratory
  8. Music Room
  9. Root Cellar
  10. Safe Room / Panic Room
  11. Sub Basement
  12. Summoning Room
  13. Torture Chamber
  14. Walk in Closet
  1. Torture Room
  2. Wine cellar with wine press and some bloody rags scattered around the press
  3. Brewery
  4. Golem Workshop
More of my own ideas
178: Dinosaur Containment Units
179: Submarine Bay
180: Western Bank
181: Underground Temple
182: Puppet Theater
183: Agency
184: 80's Room
185: Criminal Hideout
186: Comic Fan's Room
187: Wizarding World Room
188: Space Station
189: Pirate Ship
190: DnD Room
191: Escape Room
192: Slasher's Collection
193: Art Cabin
194: Antidote Lab
195: Motel Rooms
196: Board Game Room
197: Wax Museum
198: Casino
199: Gore Fountain
200: Murderous Little Girl's Room
201: King's Crypt
202: Lurker's Room
203: Skeleton Band Room
204: Spider's Nest
205: Witch's Kitchen
206: Ghoul Stairs
207: Mad Scientist's Collection
208: Library of Spells
209: Gothic Dining Room
210: Fog Room
211: Potion Shop
212: Bone Web
213: Redneck's Shed
214: Indoor Beach
215: Hellish Labyrinth
216: Wedding Chapel
217: Ballet Stage
218: Fun House
219: Castle Gallery
220: Moon Pavilion
221: Psycho Cinema
222: Suburban Garden
223: Racist Club
224: Bloody Playroom
225: VRcade
226: Tribal Arts
227: Robotics Room
228: Funerary Storage
229: Slasher's Wardrobe
230: Ski Lounge
231: Vampire's Crypt
232: Seaside Knick Knack Shop
233: Tree Farm
234: Mutant Bunker
235: Demonic Book-Building Workshop
236: Alien Nest
237: Medieval Gallery
238: Scarecrow Shed
239: Cabin Cellar
240: Room in Tarps
241: Dog's Room
242: Puppet Workshop
243: Candy Shop
244: Post-Apocalyptic Room
245: Christmas Hall
246: Fleece Room
247: Playground
248: Giant Cake
249: Cannery
250: Room Under Construction
251: Moth Light
252: Fiendish Kennels
253: Sheep Tents
254: Alien Court
255: Railway
256: Bunny Bridge
257: Funeral Home
258: Squatter's Warehouse
259: Algae Pond
260: Civil War Battlefield
261: Dollhouse
262: Vampire Party Hall
263: Daughter's Crypt
264: Doghouse
265: Writer's Room
266: Cloning Lab
267: Electrocution Chamber
268: Corpse Pit
269: Boarded Room
270: Snake Island
271: Fossil Cave
272: Arctic Crater
273: Surgical Theater
274: Chemical Silo
275: Psychic Test Center
276: Spider Den
277: Old Aviary
278: Black Magic Strip Club
279: Witch's Warehouse
280: Ancient Egyptian Tomb
281: Pumpkin House
282: Giant Snow Globe
283: Deer Cult
284: Giant's Home
285: Snake Pit
286: Reanimation Lab
287: Reptilian City
288: Drinking Lodge
289: Twin Girls' Room
290: Ancient Altar
291: Asylum Cell Block
292: Vomit Covered Room
293: Time Machine
294: Shaman's Tent
295: Locker Room with steroids in one of the lockers
296: Room of Shadows
297: Elder Brain
298: Giant Board Game
299: Dark Shed
300: Revolutionary Exhibit
301: Limacology Labs
302: Broken Stables
303: Gator Shack
304: Ant's Nest
305: Apehouse
306: Rich Cat Lover's Room
307: Insect House
308: Tengu Shrine
309: Rodents Room
310: Inside a Genie's Lamp
311: Insect Study
312: Reptile Room
313: Parasite Storeroom
314: Athena's Shrine
315: Frog Library
316: Ruined Date
317: Gladiatorial Arena
318: Simulated Haunted House
319: Gorilla House
320: Death Cult
321: A laboratory that looks as though people left in a hurry...
322: A medical room that seems as though someone died here.
323: Japanese VHS Enthusiast's Apartment
324: Prison of the Deformed
325: Room of Stretchers
326: Oni's Hut
327: Mongolian Tents
328: Room of Cloaks
329: Gothic Party
330: Pteradactyl Enclosure
331: Carnivorous Greenhouse
332: Rabid Kennels
333: Space Hangar
334: Hatchet Shed
335: Indoor Swamp
336: Room of Smoke
337: Old Man's Room
338: Murdered Child's Room
339: Weaboo's Room
340: Snuff Studio
341: Warlord's Tent
342: Gamer's Parlor
343: Tentacle Pools
344: Toll Bridge
345: Headhunter's Camp
346: Sugar Mill
347: "Vaginal Torture" Room
348: Dermatology Room
349: Volcanic Room
350: Nile Tomb
351: Farmer's Children's' Room
352: Infant's Play Room
353: Room of Flames
354: Innsmouth Pawn
355: Rabbit Room
356: Maternity Ward
357: Steampunk Workshop
358: Minotaur's Labyrinth
359: Goth Girl's Room
360: Serkhet's Shrine
361: Irish Washerwoman's Room
362: Wild West Shooting Gallery
363: Medusa's Garden
364: Room of Decapitated Heads
365: Toxic Barrel Storeroom
366: Alien Specimens Room
367: Fishing Shack
368: Sushi Farm
369: Shark Bay
370: Alien Plant Cave
371: Butchery
372: Exterminator's Room
373: Elliot's Room
374: Magic Theater
375: Pirate Ship
376: Surgical Bay
377: Viking Long Ship
378: Hag's Barn
379: Vampire Garden
380: Enchantress' Room
381: Mutant Bug Arena
382: Clown Toyshop
383: Underworld Gate
384: Arctic Labs
385: Padded Cell (Someone escaped from it)
386: Gym Supplies
387: Virginial Garden
388: College Library
389: Sex Room filled with Plushies for some unknown reason...
390: Weed Farm
391: Security Office
392: Horror Movie Studio
393: Gadgets Lab
394: Office Cubicles
395: Break Room
396: Superstitious Woman's Room
397: Sexy Nurse's Office
398: Rest Stop
399: Room of Old Dolls
400: Reveren's Room
401: Parental Room
402: Sex Dungeon
403: Escape Room
404: Hoard
405: A.I. Room
406: Technovault
407: Staffroom
408: Ritual Room
409: Hellish Stripclub
410: Criminal's Apartment
411: Military Kennels
412: Femme Fatale's Room
413: Brine Reef
414: Decrepit Police Office
415: Skeletal Ballroom
416: Murder Circus
417: Wolf Den
418: Sulfuric Pit
419: Tribal Room with Snakes
420: Zombie Outpost
421: Law Firm
422: Decrepit Building
423: Creepy Old Orphanage
424: Vampiric Enforcer's Room
425: Sorority Room
426: Leprechaun's Cave
427: Death Row
428: Ghost Finder's Lab
429: Sunken Ruins
430: Faith Chapel
431: Convent
432: Vampire Hunter's Armory
433: Tickling Chamber
434: Fishing Boat Dock
435: Terror Chamber
436: Room of Coffins
437: Agentry
438: Widow's Bedroom
439: Sleepy Hollow Gallery
440: Prisoner's Row
441: Occultic Library
442: Sunken Spire
443: Well of Souls
444: Tomb of the Pharoah's
445: Blood Chamber
446: Pit of the Giant Wolf
447: Victorian Tea Room
448: Gothic Museum
449: Satanic Church
450: Cedar Cabin
451: Halloween Shop
452: Magic Show
453: Skeletal Garage
454: Asylum Common Room
455: Lynching Yard
456: Occultic Garden
457: Dark Post Office
458: Black Wedding
459: Holy Portrait Hall
460: Rl'yeh Gate
461: Victorian Labs
462: Room of Globes
463: Hunter's Parlor
464: Retro TV Room
465: Hall of Miniatures
466: Persian Lounge
467: Photo Freak's Room
468: Maze of Screens
469: Pit of Sharp Objects
470: Pencilhead's Room
471: Puzzle Room
472: Key Cabinet
473: Room of Wooden Cubes
474: Room of Jackets
475: The Giant Cuckoo Clock
476: Rotary Room
477: Room of Lights
478: Swimmin' Hole
479: Typewriter Room
480: Smoking Parlor
481: Cigar Storeroom
482: Second Drawing Room
483: Murder Mystery Parlor
484: Golden Throne
485: Case-File Storeroom
486: Evidence Storage
487: Room of Pulleys
488: Slideshow Theater
489: Cassette Room
490: Room of Newspapers
491: House of Matches
492: Room covered in Duct Tape
493: Room of Plug-Ins
494: Static
495: Relaxation Chamber
496: Lake of Rust
497: Room of Passwords
498: Fishing Pond
499: Detective's Office
500: Pamphlet Office
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Oldie but goodie, more relevant than ever, how to simulate Burning Man in your own home

-Tear down your house. Put it in a truck. Drive 10 hours in any direction. Put the house back together. Invite everyone you meet to come over and party. When they leave, follow them back to their homes, drink all their booze, and break things.
-Stack all your fans in one corner of the living room. Put on your most fabulous outfit. Turn the fans on full blast. Dump a vacuum cleaner bag in front of them.
-Buy a new set of expensive camping gear. Break it.
-Lean back in a chair until that point where you're just about to fall over, but you catch yourself at the last moment. Hold that position for 9 hours.
-Only use the toilet in a house that is at least 3 blocks away. Drain all the water from the toilet. Only flush it every 3 days. Hide all the toilet paper.
-Set your house thermostat so it's 50 degrees for the first hour of sleep and 100 degrees the rest of the night.
-Cut, burn, electrocute, bruise, and sunburn various parts of your body. Forget how you did it. Don't go to a doctor.
-"Downsize" last year's camp by adding two geodesic domes, a new sound system, art car, and 20 newbies.
-Don't sleep for 5 days. Take a wide variety of hallucinogenic/emotion altering drugs. Pick a fight with your boyfriend/girlfriend.
-Spend a whole year rummaging through thrift stores for the perfect, most outrageous costume. Forget to pack it.
-Shop at Wal-mart, Cost-Co, and Home Depot until your car and trailer are completely packed with stuff. Tell everyone that you're going to a "Leave-No-Trace" event. Empty your car into a dumpster.
-Roast and give away 1,000 hotdogs to strangers while singing your favorite obscure Tom Lehr songs.
-Listen to music you hate for 168 hours straight, or until you think you are going to scream. Scream. Realize you'll love the music for the rest of your life.
-Spend 5 months planning a "theme camp" like it's the invasion of Normandy. Spend Monday-Wednesday building the camp. Spend Thurs-Sunday nowhere near camp because you're sick of it or can't find it.
-Walk around your neighborhood and knock on doors until someone offers you cocktails and dinner. Or acid.
-Leave a nice couch on the side of the highway.
-Bust your ass for a "community." See all the attention get focused on the drama queen crybaby.
-Parade around naked and then complain that someone is 'oggling' you.
-Get so drunk you can't recognize your own house. Walk slowly around the block for 5 hours. Tell your boss you aren't coming to work this week but he should "gift" you a paycheck anyway. When he refuses, accuse him of not loving the "community".
-Search alleys until you find a couch so unbelievably tacky and nasty filthy that a state college frat house wouldn't want it. Take a nap on the couch and sleep like you are king of the world.
-Ask your most annoying neighbor to interrupt your fun several times a day with third hand gossip about every horrible thing that's happened in the last 24 hours. Have them wear khaki.
-Go to a museum. Find one of Salvador Dali's more disturbing, but beautiful paintings. Climb inside it.
-Before eating any food, drop it in a sandbox and lick a battery.
-Mail $200 to the Reno casino of your choice.
-Spend thousands of dollars and several months of your life building a deeply personal art work. Hide it in a fun house on the edge of the city. Hire people to come by and alternate saying "I love it" and "this sucks balls." Blow it up.
-Set up a DJ system downwind of a three alarm fire. Play a short loop of drums n'bass until the embers are cold.
-Make a list of all the things you'll do different next year. Never look at it.
-Have a 3 a.m. soul-baring conversation with a drag nun in platforms, a crocodile and Bugs Bunny. Be unable to tell if you're hallucinating.
-Lust after Bugs Bunny.
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My very first JNMIL post- JNMIL ruined my engagement

TW: Transphobia
Alrighty so I’m gonna start this off by saying that this isn’t really anything that is that bad necessarily, especially compared to some of the insane stuff some other JNMILs do, or even what I have experienced in the past, but it’s annoying and ruined my vacation so I’m gonna rant about it. Also, pretty sure my bf is subbed here, so obligatory hi to him :p
My boyfriend and I just went on vacation with his mother. We went on a 4 day cruise to the Bahamas (the part of the vacation that she wanted to do), and then we spent two days at Universal Studios, spending one whole day at Harry Potter World (the part of the vacation that we wanted to do). At this time I would like to say that my boyfriend was planning on proposing to me at Harry Potter world. Harry Potter means a lot to both of us and it was basically my dream engagement scenario. We even dressed up as students so our pictures would be super cute (we’re essentially already engaged, we’ve started planning the wedding and everything, just haven’t made it official yet, and that’s why I knew all this was happening. The only thing I didn’t know was the specifics of where and how).
Alright, back to the JN behavior. The vacation started fine, it was a 13 hour drive that we split between the three of us. No major issues. When we got onto the boat, we got to our room and saw that they had given us the wrong accommodations, with a king bed and a drop down twin sized bed that hung from the wall. Now, my JNMIL (I’m sure I’ll be posting about her more so let’s think about a name shall we?) is a bigger woman and so she refused to sleep in the drop down bed. We contacted guest services and they told us the boat was fully booked and there was absolutely no way for us to get a different room. My bf and I suggested scooting the king against the wall and setting the twin mattress on the ground. She absolutely refused to sleep on the ground. No budging at all. Annoying, but fine. I’ll sleep on the drop down. Then we suggested splitting the king back into twin beds (king beds on cruises are literally just two twin bed frames hooked together with king sized bedding and sheets) so that they didn’t have to sleep in the same bed. Both because why would she want to sleep with her 22 year old son, and because she had to sleep with her head at the foot of the bed because she has a sleep apnea machine and the only plug was located in that direction. Again, an absolute refusal. She actually looked at him and said “what, you don’t want to sleep with me?” My bf and his mother have a close relationship but we were both very bothered by her refusal to sleep anywhere but in bed with him. We didn’t say anything though, because she paid for the trip and we didn’t want to anger her. But that was just the start of her JN behaviors.
There were lots of things to do on the cruise but most of them were auctions, parties, bars, or gambling. Not a whole lot that bf or I were interested in. We spent most of the time with her, though, because she wanted to spend time with us. The first day we took a 2 hour nap by ourselves, and the third day we slept in until about 12. These are the ONLY times we didn’t do whatever she was doing with her, with the exception of us exploring the boat at night when she was asleep, and when she went to the singles mixers and casino after dinner. I also took a night to myself, the second night of the trip. It was an excursion day and there was also some trouble with the ship earlier in the morning, and so I had taken some anxiety medication that makes me tired and prone to overstimulation. It had been a nonstop day and I just needed time to myself. She was fairly understanding according to my bf but also not really because she doesn’t experience anxiety in the same way I do so she didn’t “get” it. Anyway, now that I have clarified that we spent pretty much the entirety of the cruise with her, I will tell you that starting halfway through day 2, she began complaining that we were excluding her. Like, all the time. She also started to get an attitude with me, becoming visibly annoyed whenever I spoke, and especially so when I suggested doing something even slightly different from what she wanted to do. By the time we got off the cruise she would barely even speak to me.
I tend to give back the energy I receive, so by the time we got off the cruise, none of us were in a super great mood. JN and I were being snotty with each other, and bf felt stuck between us, because she’s his mom but she was treating both of us (but mostly me, which he hated) badly. But we were excited for Universal. It was bf’s first time and my second, and the first time I went I didn’t get to see nearly as much as I wanted to. So we were hype. We dressed up in our costumes and were struggling to not run through the park to HP world, leaving JN behind. We stayed in a good mood for most of the day, but JN’s mood quickly soured. She doesn’t care or know anything about Harry Potter, so the first day, which was 8 hours of straight Harry Potter, was pretty boring for her. Add into that her inability to fit into any of the rides, she was not happy. We were not purposefully excluding her, but since that day was “our” day of the vacation, filled with stuff she didn’t care about (similar to the cruise days that were filled with stuff we didn’t care about, not that she cared then), she did get left out a bit, especially since she was forced to wait and hold our stuff while we went on rides. In the two days at Universal there were 3 rides she could join us on. And we felt bad about that, but it wasn’t our fault, as much as she wanted to act like it was.
The first day we ended up taking a ride share app home and when I was trying to explain where we had to go for that, she put her hand in my face and shushed me so that she could talk over me and tell me I was wrong (even though she was just arguing over wording. I didn’t say the exact name of the location, and that made me wrong). Bf ended up not proposing that day, though that was the original plan, because we had overestimated the amount of things to do in Harry Potter world and since we had been there since the park opened, it had been a long day and we left at 3, resolving to come back the next afternoon and explore the rest of islands of adventure and end back at the Hogwarts castle for the light show once it was dark.
The second day, we went and did an escape room before going to the park. We all like escape rooms, bf and I do them often and this was the third one we had done with his mother. This one was a scary theme, though, and bf started getting anxiety pretty fast. We both called him a baby at first, but when I realized he wasn’t being just scared and was actually very anxious and panicked, I stopped, comforted him, and told the escape room people to stop the jump scare portion of the game.(I also apologized profusely throughout the day, and still feel bad about treating him the way I did). JN, however, got progressively meaner about it. She also was very rude to me when my plan for the game was right and hers was wrong.
She was in an awful mood the rest of the day, saying shitty things to the both of us, and purposely taking excessive breaks to try and make us late for the things we wanted to do back in HP world. She also straight up told bf that if he proposed to me that it would ruin her trip. So he didn’t. She had successfully put him in such a mood that if he proposed to me on that day, the memory would have been tainted for both of us. She deprived us both of our dream engagement. We are both upset but I more than him. At least I’m more upset than he’s letting on. We won’t have another opportunity like this, and I had been looking forward to it for weeks. I was so excited to be officially engaged and to be able to wear the ring and show off our commitment everywhere I went, and to be able to tell my family. I was also incredibly excited to have this amazing proposal at one of the places I love the most in the country. Like I said, Harry Potter is very important to us and the first time I walked into diagon alley I cried because of how similar it looks to the movie set. It was like I was really there, in the story. It would have been so amazing to be able to have that amazing memory there and to have such cool pictures of our proposal. It was one of the only things that got me through her attitude on the cruise. “Just a few more days and we’ll be in Harry Potter world and engaged. Just a few more days...” But no, I can’t have that now. I’m disappointed, to say the least.
We’re making the drive home today and I am not allowed to drive because then I would have to sit in the front seat with her. She has said about 20 words to me today and most of them were about a car crash we saw that I had looked up to find out the condition of the driver. This vacation has definitely revealed her true colors to me. She’s always come off as overbearing and a bit narcissistic but we haven’t had any real problems until now, except for the fact that she has consistently hesitated before calling my bf her son (he is trans and she was not supportive before he had top surgery. It literally wasn’t until he was cutting off parts of his body that she felt forced to accept him for who he is. She even at one point told him that she wasn’t sure if she would prefer him to be alive and trans than dead). When my bf is around she calls him by his name but when talking to others she hesitates before saying he is her son. I haven’t mentioned it to her out of respect for my bf (he knows, but doesn’t want me to be confrontational with her, though he supports me standing up for myself. Just doesn’t want me to start the fight).
Anyway, I think it’s safe to say that I cannot wait to be home and away from her. Bf and I had as much fun as we could but she definitely put a big damper on the trip, and we will not be going on vacation again with her for a long time.
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Transit System
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Travel Service
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Tuscan Restaurant
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Tv Network
Tv Season
Tv Show
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Urban Farm
Vacation Home Rental
Vegetarian/Vegan Restaurant
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Video Game
Video Game Store
Vietnamese Restaurant
Vintage Store
Visual Arts
Vitamin Supplement Shop
Waste Management Company
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Water Park
Water Treatment Service
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Wedding Planning Service
Wedding Venue
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Well Water Drilling Service
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Wholesale & Supply Store
Wholesale Bakery
Wholesale Grocer
Wig Store
Wildlife Sanctuary
Window Installation Service
Wine Bar
Wine, Beer & Spirits Store
Women's Clothing Store
Women's Health Clinic
Work Position
Workplace & Office
Writing Service
Yoga Studio
Youth Organization
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Ever want to take your group to Las Vegas?

Here is a 1-shot adventure I made, that could easily be fixed to suit any campaign! It comes complete with a whole town, some notable NPCs, some games to play while they are there, and a heist adventure if your players are keen!I playtested it with my group last Friday and they loved it :) Let me know what you think, or if you play it with your group!
The group has come to the bustling town of Everhaven, a massive stone city in the middle of nowhere outside of all lordly jurisdiction. What once was a safehaven for unlawful deeds, gangs and thieves and murder, has since become an incredible tourist attraction for upper-class citizens to feel the thrill of skullduggery with minimal risk (as well as those looking for an easy pocket to pick). With buildings stretching towards the sky engraved with immaculate relief decor along its pillars and archways; gold and jeweled accents; and magically enhanced lighting illuminating every corner, rooftop, and statue, the city of Everhaven is an overwhelming mecca of visual stimulation.You arrive at the main square, where hundreds of other carriages are dropping off persons of every shape and size. A large group of richly adorned dwarves with gems on every finger scramble out of a red velvet carriage and immediately begin arguing about which attraction to visit first. A few high elves laugh behind their hands, though their red cheeks reveal their obvious drunken state, while leaning against a statue of angels playing fanfare trumpets in every direction - light spewing out of the metal horns in a magical rhythmic dance into the sky above. To your right is a large stable run by a sturdy group of stablehands, who are keeping busy taking care of the myriad of animals being herded into the city with frantic efficiency. Leaning against the stables are a group of rough and unfriendly looking folks, scars streaking across their exposed skin and blades at their belts. If the group talks to them, or succeeds on a 12 PER check, these are mercenaries to be hired for protection for pickpockets. (use the thug statblock (mm pg 350) for 2 silver per day or veteran (mm pg 350) for 2 gold per day).Eventually, an overzealous male half-elf (Fenian, The Silver Song) approaches you, adorned with a sequin silver vest and small white lute. He wears a hat with bells that jingles incessantly as he strides up to greet you. He offers to give you a tour of the city, and he specializes in the grand jewel of the of Everhaven - The Clover. He asks for 10 silver for the regular tour, with the best-selling vocalization, or 20 silver for without music accompaniment.Anyone with a passive perception of 10 or less will at some point, if not multiple points, be pick pocketed during their stay unless they hired a guard.On the tour he points out the various mercenary groups along the way, and makes note of the major attractions. The group can also see these if they decline his services:
If the group is having enough fun just exploring - let them. Otherwise, if they make enough money or make enough of a ruckus, then a stranger will approach them with a plan too good to pass up.
This female purple-skinned tiefling (Marzas Alrozath) has a scar over one eye and is missing a few teeth, but is otherwise well kept and clean. Her hair is shaved in zigzag patterns on both sides and a ponytail at the back. She wears padded black leather, with various pockets sewn in. Her belt has too many coin purses. She takes you to the Pepper Parlour and pays for your meals “There is no better place to talk of such matters than in a room full of raucous pigs.” She explains that she is interested in working with you to break into The Clover’s vault. There is more money there than God knows what to do with. It is heavily guarded with too many traps. She heard from a good source that there is, however, a way around the majority of these hazards - a central access point to the subterranean cellars connecting all of Everhaven together. She knows it's somewhere in the middle of town, but hasn’t been able to find where yet. She asks you to seek it out, as she cannot do it herself as they have her records on file (she became a member years ago, and they have her spit to track her movement inside the casino. If the party is already members they have disadvantage on any stealth checks made while in the Clover. The secret entrance is underneath the Smiling Lady Statue through the mechanic's entrance)Alternatively, you can try and find someone in The Clover who has little loyalty to the company, or someone who knows the space well can help you? Perhaps a key, or a map, or intel on what awaits you? (Fenian the guide, Balor the server at The Clover's Bar, or Two-Teeth at the Houndgrave)
Map to the Clover's Staff Area (accessible through the far back of the casino) (one with traps, one without)
TRAPS: If any traps go off, make an additional stealth check for alerting the guards (except for Trap 4)
  1. Trip wire - PER 12 check to notice the wire, or DEX 12 save to avoid stumbling.
  2. Door trap - DEX 12 save. A heavy iron block falls on your head. Take 1 D6 damage you are Stunned for 1 minute, with disadvantage on any saving throws for 10 minutes.
  3. Door trap - DEX 12 save. A heavy iron block falls on your head. Take 1 D6 damage and you are Stunned for 1 minute, with disadvantage on any saving throws for 10 minutes.
  4. Huge metal locked door to the vault - PER 12 check to notice the trap. If door isn’t unlocked the right way, then a loud siren goes off and you are Deaf for 1 minute (alerts the guard immediately).
  5. Trip wire - PER 12 check to notice the wire, or Con 15 save or be be blinded for 1 minute
  6. The floor in this room is jiggly. Movement across the room sends nearby creatures bouncing into the air. A successful Intelligence (Investigation) or Intelligence (Arcana) check (DC 15) will grant knowledge of how the jelly floor acts. A Wisdom (Perception) check (DC 15) is required to notice the jelly floor. The walls themselves are slightly sticky, which allows you to walk across.The floor feels like hard stone when lightly touched touch, but while walking across the floor or if hit, it really jiggles. A creature, and any creature who is within 5 feet of them, who is walking across the floor is tossed 10 feet into the air, hits the ceiling and takes 1d6 bludgeoning damage.
  7. If you don’t approach the door from the walls or ceiling (aka you open it from the floor), sleep gas is emitted into the hallway. (DC 15 Wisdom saving throw)
  8. Motion sensor - If the door wasn’t opened correctly, then this automatically goes off. Dex save or else darts shoot from the corners, take 2D6 damage.
  9. Tripwire - PER 12 check to notice the wire, or 12 DEX save to avoid stumbling.
  10. Tripwire - PER 12 check to notice the wire, or spikes fly out from the group. Take 1 D10 piercing damage
  11. Pressure plates - PER 12 to notice the plate, or else the pressure plates release sticky slime to the ground which acts as difficult terrain and sticks to your feet for 1 minute after leaving the terrain.
CASINO GAMES (all Dealers / Game Masters have a DC 13 against sleight of hand checks) Lucky 7s - Roll 2D6. Players bet either over or under 7. Players can either double down or quit - pot then doubles until either the players cash out, they choose wrong, or a 7 is rolled. Once a 7 is rolled, the house wins.
Devil's Dice - Roll 3D6. Players pick a # between 1-6. If 0 of the dice match this number, the house wins. If 1 of the dice match, they win back their bet. If 2 match, they double their bet. If 3 match, they triple their bet.
High or Lower - Roll 2D6. Dealer shows 1 dice to player, and the player has to guess whether their sum is higher or lower than the Dealer's dice. Can double down, and then roles swap for who shows their dice first.
I tried making a few games that weren't just dice games, but also offered some role play elements.
Karaoke - Roll performance against the crowd's reaction. Roll 1D20 against the player's Performance (Player's have advantage if they perform a duet). Earn 1 gold for the difference between these rolls (ie: Player's rolled a 18 performance, DM rolled a 12. Players earn 6 gold)
Dunk the Drunk / Archery - Roll for a ranged attack. 10-15 earns back their bet. 15-20 earns double the bet. 20+ earns double the bet plus a special item (up to DMs discretion)
Hammer Strike - Simple enough - DC 15 Athletics wins double the bet.
*edit - Forgot to add in the casino games like I promised - whoops!
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