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A religion-less society actually exists right now!

Hello Jodan,

I'm sending this letter to you, Sam Harris and Douglas Murray, and hoping that it will reach at least one of you directly as I believe it could move all of your individual viewpoints as well as your future conversations forward. I'm sending it in the interest of possibly alerting you to at least one country, the one I grew up in, which seem to have completely evaded your research efforts and leaving you all, it would seem, agree on one, to me a very curious and strange point, that a successful and happy society without a (major) role of religion in it does not exist or have ever been tried. Sam is sure it would work, you say it did not work in Stalin's Russia case (you also add Hitler, who clearly was not an atheist and his most brutal forces had "God is with us" written right on their belt buckles which pretty much destroys the non-religious assertion), but none of you seem to be aware that it worked and is still currently working already very well.

I respect all of you greatly. I identify most with Sam's points of view at matters - perhaps unsurprisingly given the country I grew up in and the personality I am - and least with you Jordan, but that's only because of the religious part of views he seems to insist on deeply. I admire Jordan for your abilities to reason and, most of the time, reason so for clearly logical things. I admire the other two for the same reason without the need for that exception.

I've watched a great many videos featuring you 3 plus of course other very intelligent people like Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, and others in the past few years. The one thing that always keeps surprising me is the point where the discussion gets to the point of arguing about "how viable would a theoretical society" built basically purely on reason and no religion look like and what state it would end up in. Not even Christopher Hitchens seemed to ever have any other answers than a very good, but yet still purely theoretical arguments regarding such a society. From all of those occasions in those conversations, I am basically forced to believe that you all guys, however much-traveled and intelligent, have completely missed at least this one real-life, well-working example, which is my country - The Czech Republic. I think that if you haven't and if you then talked to a few people who grew up there at least at the time when I did - born 1973 - you would find not theoretical, but very real examples of a great many people who not only grew up completely without any religion or any stories coming from it and yet, still grew up very nice, intelligent and maybe surprisingly to you all VERY HAPPY people.

I'm not sure how many people exactly like me you would find because I really set up my life to be very happy, not even knowing how exactly stress would feel - I just maybe get hints of what it may feel like when I'm cold, which is why I have relocated to Queensland, Australia a long time ago - but you would definitely find heaps and heaps of people who are undergoing the same stresses in life as in any other western-type society with handling family, work and the other aspects of life, yet without any regard whatsoever to notions of any religion or any need to any type of any kind of comforting mythical stories.

That, of course, is not to say that many of us do not enjoy fiction books or entertaining stories in the form of books, tales, or other arts. We can enjoy it all the same with the full knowledge that those are fiction.

All the above is the result of the socialist/communist system we grew up in which not necessarily stifled but certainly did not promote any religion. It is the one thing I am grateful for to that system I grew up in, apart from a very happy childhood since nobody's parents had existential struggles. I do believe that there were efforts to eradicate the religion, many of which may probably be identified as forceful, but we've always kept our history including its buildings like castles and churches as opposed to destroying them, which would be an extreme way to get rid of something. Even clergy was tolerated and some very tiny minority of mostly the old-times people were attending services even at those times.

The actual real fact of life was, however, that we never were taught about religion apart from being a part of history, including ours. And we would still go on school trips some of which may include admiring a great cathedral purely for its architecture and art.

Strangely, even the name of the "person" who brings the presents at Chrismas (which in the Czech language is called "vanoce", which has nothing to do with Christianity - at least not obviously - I did not study its etymological roots) is "Jezisek", which, funnily and very interestingly enough I personally only realized when I was about 14 years old, means "a little Jezis = Jesus - "little" here meaning a kid, a baby). So the presents were being brought by a baby Jesus and yet, for almost all of us it was just a name, same as the west had Santa Claus or any other name you could use for a fictional character. It had NO religious meaning whatsoever to us, nor any story was attached to it at all. It was (and is for us) simply a holiday with the ritual of decorating a tree and having a very nice, extraordinary family dinner before (mostly the kids) would enjoy the present unwrapping under the tree. (Yes, our Christmas all happen on 24th Dec). We had no idea that it was originally a celebration of the winter solstice or that it was then stolen as a Christian holiday. We enjoyed it and frankly still enjoy it for the same family reasons, all the same. Actually now knowing that it has been for the past many hundreds of years appropriated by a religious cult if anything taints the experience. It probably would not if that cult was a thing simply belonging and part of the history of "less educated" times of us humans. The fact that this magical thinking still sways great sections of global citizens' everyday lives is what taints Christmas for some us Czechs. It surely does for me. I feel more at ease with it knowing that actually it is the winter solstice celebration. I would surely be more fine with it if it was just a date that someone decided to arbitrarily put on a calendar rather than thinking of it in terms of a cult that brutally killed and tortured so many innocent people in history and still thinks that magical thinking is just a fine idea.

Similar to Christmas, we in the Czech Republic also celebrate Easter (another holiday appropriated for itself by Christianity as I learned much later in my life). We also enjoy it purely for the tradition or maybe just for the fact that it is a day off work :). In Czech, a part of the tradition regarding Easter is that man create a nice looking weaved supple "sticks" from the branches of a willow tree, and in the morning we go around as many girls/women we know as possible to "hit" their behinds with it so that they stay young and supple too. I'm sure that in today's "politically correct" society many would find something very wrong with it, but the simple fact was that it ended up being a very nice and very social day for everyone. (By the way, I never knew that anybody would consider women as any lesser than men. I grew up in a society where had no reason to even suspect such a thing.) In the afternoon the girls and women had the right on the other hand to pour buckets of water over the men's' heads, even though that part was never really practiced. (At least in our parts of the Czech Republic. There are more traditional areas.) I suppose that is because it is not as convenient to run around with buckets of water around than it would be with sticks. Also, we - boys and men - would get a colorful ribbon bound to the ends of the sticks by each female we've visited and "paid off" - we don't really call it hitting or beating. It would leave the omitted girls and women feel neglected rather than happy not to get hit. I'm sure that the absolute majority of us were always as gentle as myself and my friends in performing that "stick-and-behind" ritual. I actually never wanted or was planning to do this whole thing, but I had a friend who always came on the morning of Easter Monday to my home with a couple of those "sticks" - one for himself, one for me, and basically had to talk me into joining him every single year. And it always ended up being one of the best days of the year, finishing in a mixed group having a great time (including a bit of drinking in our later teenage years). It was very nice and social and NOTHING to do with any religion or anything other than "this tradition actually turns out to be fun" and we did not need some deep explanation for it that I'm sure Jordan would try to dig out at this point. It was the same fun we can end up with when we come up with brand new social events, out of which, when they turn out fun, we often try to make a tradition of too. All that being completely atheist and secular. I really don't understand what seems to be so hard to comprehend even to Sam - not that he could not seem to be able to imagine it - clearly, he very much is - but that it actually has already been tried and is still going on successfully. Admittedly though, traditions like the Easter ones in Czech are fading as the capitalist style of life requiring most of us to work more and more puts a strain on that too, together with an overload of other modern culture distractions obviously.

In any case, my point is that what Sam is saying, what Christopher used to say and others too, is NOT a theoretically working "utopia", it IS a reality for millions in just my own country of origin and we suffer no ill effects from it!

On the contrary, despite being a tiny nation of 10 million people we have (even though thanks to globalization, corruption, and not in small part thanks to the totalitarianism of the European Union) we are loosing great industry and very clever people. We used to be (before EU) totally self-sufficient in basically everything, were exporting fighter jets, cars, atomic reactors, locomotives, food, and much more to the rest of the world, gave the world some amazing people and inventions like contact lenses, nanofibres, the lighting rod, or even small things like sugar cubes, pencils or Koh-i-Noor snaps for our jeans :) and we needed no religion or the related stories to do that. And that is the one thing I'm happy the "communist" regime gave us - true freedom from religion, freedom from bullshit stories if you pardon me. It lets us concentrate on interesting and important stuff in life instead of trying to solve mute problems like why are we here. We are, so enjoy it. I must say that without the religious ideas surrounding us that most of us don't even think about it as something to worry about. We worry about "we are here now, what can we do to live well" and some of us also "what can we do to leave my imprint on humanity". The more curious of us sure ask "how" did we get here and maybe do think about how in the great scheme of things we are totally insignificant, but I don't think it makes us unhappy. I know it does not make me unhappy for sure. I enjoy learning new things, discovering, making logical conclusions, and, apart from other things, being truthful to myself and others, which is probably why I'm also so happy in my life and have always been, which all of you I'm sure will very easily understand.

All of you guys seem to imply or straight away say that "sure, there is not a person who would not have major problems in life, who would not have "demons"" etc. Well, sure, I've encountered problems in my life. I'm solving software problems every day (I'm a software engineer) I've traveled around the world on a motorbike so I've encountered life-threatening situations, I've lost family members (fortunately for me just the ones who naturally died of old age, no tragedies so far, so yes, I've been lucky in that respect). But problems are here, to my eye, to be solved. They are a challenge, not a tragedy. They make life interesting. And demons? No, I do not have any. Things I regret? Maybe, a tiny little ones like not asking that beautiful girl on a bus for a coffee. But I've never done anything I would be ashamed of. That does not mean that I never failed of course. But I freely admit and not try to hide my failings so I have no demons. Am I really the only person in the world you think? I may be rare, but I'm sure I'm not alone.

Regardless, many, or basically I'd say almost all of my friends, much as they may have more normal everyday problems and stresses than I have (and it is not at all related to money - I'm not wealthy at all - we even still rent the place where we live), would tell you the same thing regarding the role of religion or religious stories in their lives and their decisions - NONE whatsoever.

The Czech Republic is very rich in culture too. Our country has one of the biggest concentrations of castles for example. I do not think that religion was necessary for those structures to be built for powerful people in our history. Yes, many, many churches too. Beautiful buildings. Some of them truly amazing, as some of the castles, too. And our secular society still builds and creates amazing things with no religion required for it. Just yesterday I was sent a link to a video about the biggest chandelier and at the same time, the biggest jewel ever built anywhere. (Link here if you are interested: .) It could very well hang in a cathedral of some type. But it was built by a Czech company for a Saipan casino. Only human talent, work, and lots of money was needed to build this wonder. No religion whatsoever. So I'm pretty sure, Jordan, that you can stop worrying about losing culture if there was no religion. Sure, cassino may not be considered culture by many, but it is simply a fact of today's world that casinos are one of the areas where the money is. If you want to start to argue that we need religion as a way of extracting money from the population to build such marvels, as was historically exactly one of its functions and is one of the reasons those grand structures like great cathedrals exist, then fine. I would, like Sam, argue that it is possible to do without the pretense of magic, but at least that would be a simple point to defend. Not the only way though!! An example - and I'm sure there are also many modern ones too.. The National Theatre in Prague... It is a grandiose building with high ceilings covered with similar gold ornamentry and paintings to any cathedral you may find. It also has a huge painted curtain - a great painting of its own right. This all was built from money collected from donations of the citizens expressly towards building a national theatre, which was opened in 1881. The first idea came in 1844 at a congregation of Czech patriots. As far as I can tell no religion was involved. Certainly, none needed. And that great building is also a part of our and the world's registered cultural heritage sites.

So to summarize, the reason for this letter was to let all of you three guys know that you can stop only theorizing about a society without religion. Look at the Czech Republic especially before the Velvet Revolution (after which slowly more and more religion starts very slowly creeping in again), but where still today three-quarters of the population are completely irreligious. We are one of the safest, most educated, and happiest countries in the world. And if you look over the state ideology at any one time, where communism was making some people unhappy with restrictions on travel for example, and capitalism in its demands on sacrificing more of one's private / family time for work time, we are generally really happy people, nice to each other (without having to be threatened by hell or whatever other stupid magic idea), helping each other. And it is probably partly thanks to the LACK of any religion that we are that way. There is one less thing to partition us into opposing groups which argue about something they actually cannot even know.

Actually, that makes me think about my friends and people I know. I know and have experienced that my friends or even friends of my parents, for example, would (and in the past have) helped me when I really needed help, despite it being a great inconvenience for them. Yet, I was in similar situations when I only had a religious person to help me and they would not. It would seem to me that religious people like to listen to the stories that Jordan insists are shaping majorly their principles and behavior, rather than actually behave according to them. And then some feel great to tell you how good they are thanks to Jesus.

Ok, I think that concrete examples would be good here:
I know, that every time I go back to the Czech Republic for the summer I have offers from my friends to take me to the airport - both in Czech and in Australia (still from Czech friends interestingly enough). In both cases, it is over 100km and I do not want to inconvenience them if it is not necessary so I thank them and decline. But I know that even if I called them at three in the morning that I needed an urgent lift to the airport they would just tell me how long it would take them to pick me up.
Contrast that with this:
I've known a great person for 7 years and actually shared a house with her for 5 of those years. I consider her a very nice person and considered her a very good friend. I still visit her once a year or so when I have a chance, but thinking back on the story I'm about to tell you certainly makes me feel less worm towards her than I always thought she otherwise deserved.

So the story: I found a new life partner while again staying for the whole European summer in the Czech Republic. For reasons irrelevant to this story she could not join me permanently in Australia for the first few years of being together, so we were overcoming that problem by her periodically visiting me in Australia for 3 months, then we would not see each other for another 3, then I would go to Czech for 3 and a bit, again 3 months apart and then the cycle would repeat.

At the end of one of her stays in Australia with me, while I was still sharing the house with my friend, Jean, my partner was flying home the next day and I, shortly before that, decided I would actually fly back with her. I could not get a seat on the same flight so my flight was at 8 AM and hers the same day at 1 PM. My partner is a bit lost when traveling and she did not speak English at that time yet either, so we decided to travel the 150km to Brisbane in the evening before and arranged to stay with a friend there overnight. We were supposed to catch the second one of the only two trains that goes from that place to Brisbane daily. It was leaving around 9 PM. The nearest train station is about 8km from the place I lived in with Jean, who agreed or maybe even offered to take us to that train station, I can't remember that bit for sure. What is for sure is that once we got there it become clear that the train was not coming as the train tracks were not there and the workers currently working there under the floodlights confirmed that the trains were not operating on that track for the past 14 days and will not be going for another 14 more. I was amazed and surprised, especially after we got back home and I confirmed on the computer that the online time schedule directly on the Queensland Rail website still insists that there are no exceptions or delays and that that train is scheduled as per normal.

There was no other public transport for us to use from that place. So after another couple of hours of trying to figure out any other possibility of getting us there on time, I finally asked Jean if she would be so kind and took us to the airport (we did not want to bother the friend in Brisbane to sleep over anymore because we would arrive too late for that we felt) so that we could make our flights. Jean told us that "she would but that she promised her sister to accompany her to a church service the next morning and that if she took us she would be too sleepy for that the next day"..................

I probably don't have to say that I was a bit disappointed that someone I considered a friend and a good person would refuse to help us in a situation in which I would have no other safe viable option. I never analyzed it further beyond the disappointment. However, a couple of years later I was telling this story to a friend and he, I think very spot on, pointed out that "So she would rather go to church to listen to the preacher to tell her that she should be helping people rather than take the opportunity to actually help someone in a real need.". How is that for "Christian" values? I know my non-religious friends would not hesitate to help me in that situation as I'll give you an example of in a couple of lines.

Just to finish the story, Jean was "nice enough" to suggest that we can try hitchhiking on the highway (at 1 AM no less!!) and "kindly" offered to take us there. We had no other choice so we accepted. To start with, there were literally 2 cars in 40 minutes we stood there. Fortunately, the second car actually stopped for us, and also fortunately we survived that. I say the second "fortunately" since it was a German traveler who told us that he stopped because he needed someone to keep him awake since he has been driving at that point non-stop for 16 hours from Cairns. Needless to say that traveling in a car 20km over the highway speed limit with someone who is grossly falling to sleep is quite scary... The story still developed into having quite a few very interesting twists, but those are not relevant to this anymore.

So now a concrete matching example:
When I was 15 I was to travel by bus 150 km to my brand new high school. I was obviously gonna have to be staying at a boarding school there so I wanted to take an earlier Sunday bus to have a chance to choose my new bed. But after waiting over an hour over the scheduled time for the bus I concluded that it was not coming and I was going to have to take the late afternoon one. After returning to the bus station and waiting for that one for almost an hour again I finally figured out that it was actually a brand new holiday celebrating the two (religious - interestingly enough :)) men who managed to enforce the recognition of our language as a language recognized by the religion, based and thanks to which our writing was established. (Religion would not allow our writing if it did not recognize the language as being worthy.) It was never celebrated before as it was shortly after the Velvet Revolution so I had no idea. Anyway, the result was that there was no other bus that day and that not only I would arrive dead last to the boarding school, but I would also miss probably the important first half of the first day at the actual new school as a freshman since my dad was away somewhere at that time with our only car.

That evening, at about 10 PM, a neighbor and my parent's friend came to pick something up from my mum. He was surprised to see me still at home and so he asked how come? When we told him he said that we should have told him earlier because he would have taken me there. He also told us that he was supposed to be at work the next day at 5 or 6 AM so it was too late to drive me there now. I remember thinking that it is easy to say now if he can't prove he would have done it anyway. Three minutes later I hear him saying: "You know what, let's go, I'll take you there." It was a 3-hour drive one way!!! The Czech Republic is quite dense with towns and villages and there were at that time many quite large detours on the way, too. So this man would get home about an hour or two before having to go to work!

How big of a difference this is to a church on Sunday where you go by your own volition, you are not required to go and being able to take the highway instead of in that case basically the whole way, so that trip would have cost Jean 3 hours max!

So the person who is NOT compulsed to help me for fear of any hell or any other even slightly unpleasant result helps me for purely the good feeling that one gets from helping others by his own choice despite majorly inconveniencing himself is the one that actually helps me and the one that thinks of themselves as the chosen and the most kind people chooses to go listening about how kind they are rather than actually be. Does not that give you a pause? :)

Another example. I was renting a room in a home of another of my friends and I happened to accidentally either drop the clear plastic fridge bucket for fruits and veggies or drop something on it (I cannot remember), resulting in its cracking. The, for me absolutely obvious thing to do, despite that it was "just a crack" and the bucket was still capable of fulfilling its function (and in fact until this day I still use it in my garage to store stuff in), I went ahead and spent almost a whole day trying to find where I could buy the correct replacement and spent something like 60 bucks on it at a time I did not have much money at all. Just because it was a normal logical thing for me to do for the pure "golden rule" reason. And Jordan would maybe say "ha, see, Christian values". And I, same as Sam or Christopher or probably Douglas too, would say that that rule is very logical, self-evident, and much older than the Christianity that appropriates that too for itself. It is just logical. I did not ever need any kind of story behind it and definitely not one where I would be punished other than that others may start doing the same to me seeing me do that to others. And since I want others to be nice to me, I, quite logically and without complicated explanations that some try to fit to some ancient stories they happen to believe in, will behave nicely to them.

And now again, contrast this to a very similar situation the other way around, this time, however, the other person is a church-going Christian.

I now live in a nice big house, which we rent as I mentioned. For the past 10 years, it has been our home and we can only afford it because we are sub-letting one of its rooms directly connected to the main bathroom. And we do this because we fell in love with the house and felt immediately at home as soon as we inspected it. And we originally inspected it purely just as a point of comparison with other houses we went to see afterward because it was available for inspection first that day. Later, comparing it to the other houses, I realized we could make it affordable (same price as the others) by renting out just those two of the 4 rooms that were on the top of what we actually needed. So we did and it has been 10 years since.

We look for people who want to stay longer-terms. Last year, a guy from the Christian part of Nigeria was finishing his stay of over 2 years with us. He would go to church every Sunday without fail and was obviously a devout Christian. He was studying nursing and was working as well, earning quite good money too. In the home, we usually all fit in our big fridge together with our boarder. This one, however, said he needed more space so we bought an additional fridge for him. It was one of the smaller ones which still needs to be periodically defrosted. When we noticed that he is leaving the freezer to become overgrown with ice we told him that he will need to do that so that the fridge does not break. We asked him to do that several times over several months until the plastic hinge of the plastic freezer door broke by the ice pushing it out. It was obviously not even an accident. He would ignore that. So eventually I told him that now he, unfortunately, had to find a replacement freezer door for it because otherwise, the fridge will be consuming much more energy (and we are paying all the energy bills, the boarders have it included in a single unchanging rent amount, which is by the way cheapest in this area) and that it will freeze over faster and that the person after him will surely need the door, too. Nothing at all happened until he left.

I meant to force him to do that before I'd return his bond when he would eventually be leaving, but it happened just at a time when we were holidaying aborad and I forgot about the freezer door. So I remotely returned his full bond. Sometime after that, when he came to pick up some of his post that he still did not change the address for, I gave him the broken door and asked him if he could please finally get a replacement. It's been almost a year now and he tells me he did not find it. So I asked him obviously if he actually tried. He said he did. A couple of simple questions later it is clear that he actually did not even try but is happy to lie about it. So what exactly has the church taught him?? I know it has neither taught him for sure to be responsible for his own actions nor to be honest. Clearly. Qualities that I and all of my close friends who I grew up with, who have never been touched by religion of any kind, have.

I am not necessarily saying that these almost exactly one-to-one comparable examples are totally indicative of the difference of morals between Christians and completely irreligious people, but since it does fit pretty well with many others we see in history and also currently around us, I think it is time to stop theorizing about the necessity or even utility of religious values for modern people. I'm not disputing that religion does have utility for people who follow it, but it certainly is not the necessary or even important tool for people in general.

It seems to me that religion has a utility of a rock that you use to beat in a nail. Take the rock from me and you leave me with a hammer that actually makes much more sense, similarly to taking away the stories and threat of hell and replacing it with something that has been there all along - the genuinely nice feeling of helping someone even if I am otherwise not compelled by anything else than the great feeling and the very logical realization that I have a much better chance to be treated nicely if I treat everybody else nicely. And that I am much more likely to be helped by others if I unconditionally help them. And I may help someone who never helps me, but helps somebody else. And somebody I never helped may actually help me because he was also at some point helped or at least sees it as all so logical how this works.

Jordan, your well-researched arguments on many societal topics are great and helpful and make sense. But I must say that even though I heard a couple of ways you very interestingly matched biblical stories on some current situations or general human behavior, I also think that you are totally overcomplicating stuff in these cases and you are getting many, myself included, lost as to what you are in fact trying to do other than somehow trying to reconcile your Christian belief with current reality and as you just discussed during the talks with Douglas and Sam, smuggling the Jesus into it where really, it is not necessary at all, objectively.

I understand that it is important to many, you including, but it really is not necessary. We can very nicely do completely without it. As an exercise in reasoning it is, or can be, for sure interesting, especially for scholars like you. For us, normal people (or normal engineers like myself :)) it seems pretty pointless otherwise. And the case of the Czech Republic, I think, even takes a base from your case completely, even though I'm sure you could find connections.

As an engineer I can tell you I can map anything to anything if I put enough abstractions in between. But the simple truth is, that almost everybody in a real country that has been historically doing well, grew up a perfectly decent person, arguably in a bigger percentage more decent than the majority in much more religious countries. And we do not suffer. Again, I'd say we suffer less because we are not burdened by any traumas like worrying about ending up in hell.

Sure, in our folklore we have another tradition where St. Nicholas (we never used the "St" part, for us it was just "Mikulas") comes on 5. December together with one or more devils to our home and gives our children presents or coal if "they were not good". And yes, for most children the devils are scary and some parents use that to elicit the promise of being good "from now on", but I think that at least most parents (certainly mine) were not trying to persuade us these were real beings.

It was a (scary) theatre happening in almost everybody's homes. And as soon as you figure out those under the masks are just normal people you feel clever as a kid. And you feel like you've grown and maybe also that you outsmarted the adults who would not tell you straight away those are just people. When you are like 6, 7, or 8, you are looking forward to running outside with the Mikulases and devils despite sometimes still being scared by them if they play the role well. It is thrilling. But it never needed to be shoved down our throats as a reality and not even a story was needed.

We have folklore fairytales that feature devils punishing bad people, yes. But we do not need them to tell us what is right and what is wrong. We can figure that out for ourselves and the stories are just a nice entertainment, if done well. And yes, we can see the useful allegory in it. We would still, however, know quite naturally the difference between clear right and wrong, between hurting others and not hurting others. But we recognize the difference between entertainment and reality. We still enjoy stories all the same.

You do not need organizations that actually believe those, are exempt from paying taxes and are praying on those who cannot reason themselves out well enough or prevent themselves being reasoned in by these fantastical stories and the ability of the storyteller to manipulate. I'd say that the about 25% of people in the Czech Republic who identify themselves as somehow religious are exactly those types of people. Ones who severely lack logical thinking. I have an uncle and a stepdaughter both like that. Neither of them has very good reasoning ability and so they are hanging there to be hooked on by the use of fantastical and magical stories, despite the fact that they were not indoctrinated into it as children, which then makes it more understandable when even pretty intelligent people still have this illogical partition in their brain reserved for god.

OK, that's it. Quite a bit longer than I intended it to be, but I hope it will eventually reach at least one of you in person and maybe give you some more arsenal for good arguments. It is obvious that you are very busy people so I do not expect any reply at all, but it would be great to get something like: "Hey Marek, it reached me, thanks." so that I know that I haven't completely wasted almost the whole day today instead of fixing my server and getting back to my coding in which I'm so much behind.

Wish you all all the best.


Marek Vsechovsky

As I'm reading what I wrote after myself I realize that although not absolutely necessary to explain this, you may wonder if I'm not "telling you stories" since at one point I mention that I am a software engineer and in another talk about affordability of rent. Well, I really don't revolve my life around money. And since I very much enjoy my job and have large amounts of ideas, I'm trying to implement them running it as my own business. However, I am kind of a Wozniak without a Jobs, meaning that rather than marketing a finished product I immediately start working on the next one since I just can't wait to work on it, so I end up with no income to my business and so from time to time I have to accept a paid outside contract. Since my expertise is large and well valued, and since I am a very frugal person (if I compare myself to most other people who say they are too :) ) I only need to work for about 3 months to be able to live from that for the next two years developing my own ideas. That's why I'm still renting rather than owning. I do what I love, I spend as much time on it as I want and I live at a very nice place where I can take a 30-minute holiday jumping in the surf basically all-year-round, so I'm really happy.
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I don’t know if it’s regret that I’m feeling with working holidays in Australia

I am from Hong Kong. I don’t know if it’s regret that I’m feeling towards doing a working holiday here in Australia. I like traveling. I use Couchsurfing a lot in the past. From the year 2012 when I started a pre college degree and then 2013-2017 for my college degree, I’d been traveling every summer, so with the six times I traveled, one time is 2months in Europe, other 3times 2.5-3.5months in Europe, 1 time Australia+NZ(3months), 1 time US+Europe(3months). This March I turned 25. I worked at a commission based sales job in Hongkong that I really don’t like. I decided to apply for working holidays and I came to the East Coast first where I stayed with a homestay mom that I know from 3years back in Brisbane. I didn’t try hard to look for jobs in the first month(May). I proceeded to go to Airlie Beach, Townsville and eventually Cairns (July) where i got my first job as a hostel manager at the lowest rating hostel (you can easily look that up on booking,com) because my ex boss is Chinese and I am also Hong Kong Chinese hence I got the job. From then on, it was a month of craziness because he taught me all this stuff for four days and afterwards, he proceeded to leave the country to go on vacation with his wife and his kid. And I held the fort for the next ten days. All the while he was annoying and he loves barking orders at me and I held it in cuz at first I thought I knew how to handle him but when he came back all hell broke loose cuz I felt he was unappreciative and he nit picked everything that I did wrong and he also loved making unrealistic demands like after the backpackers cleaned the bathrooms he wanted me to take pictures of all the cleaned bathrooms on a daily basis. I don’t have the best emotional intelligence in the world and I became really nasty to him as he was like the same to me. I left without notice in early August after one month and left for Melbourne. I arrived here and I felt super lonely. It was really cold at that time and I couldn’t make the same relationships with people that I made back when I was in Cairns at the hostel with for example some girls from mainland China which is pretty ironical because if anyone of you knows, Hong Kong people generally dont really have the best affinity with mainland China as culturally we don’t experience the same things in terms of social dynamics, languages, currency, law, etc. But I met a bunch of really great friends in Cairns in contrast to a much more different vibe in Melbourne. And after three or four days of staying in Melbourne, I don’t know what drew me in but I went to the casino, this is when all things good started to decline. I basically lost all the money I made back in Cairns as well as the cash I held at the time. I am also a person with chronic illness with my neck since November 2011, I started using a Southeast Asian herb called kratom that has helped me deal with the my extreme and underdiagnosed calcifications around my neck since Jan 2018 and while I have had much better sleep and am able to function better during the day, I feel pretty reliant on it and I shouldn’t do that because it has addictive substance and maybe it’s because of the dehydration caused by kratom or other factors, I have become pretty antisocial but I gotta say, I also feel like being from Hong Kong and coming to Australia, I don’t know if I should say it’s a mismatch, I feel like I am not a particularly interesting person and I feel like there are big Asian communities out here already that in the eyes of many people, I am not interesting to talk to and I don’t stand out, as opposed to other times when I traveled around Europe, particularly I enjoyed visiting the poorer and less developed underdog Eastern European countries, I felt like from the standpoint of cultural exchange, I am in a happier place. Back to being in Melbourne, I have had two jobs here. One is event setup and packdown such as concerts and the other job I had was a cleaning technician project at a government building. The last work day is probably two weeks ago.. and last week I posted an ad on Gumtree and somebody contacted me about a farmwork opportunity at a dairy farm 7 hours away from Melbourne by public transport (as I don’t have drive and don’t have a car) near the Great Ocean Road. I jumped at the chance but immediately after four days of cow milking shifts (2 shifts a day) I had to go because it was not a good fit for me. My hands felt arthritic still from the job because I washed my hands a lot when the cows’ fecal matter touched my arms. I just couldn’t do it. I don’t regret trying that though and then I decided to come back to Melbourne on Xmas Eve and for the past few days I have felt a sense of loneliness I couldn’t shake out. I don’t like partying and going out for drinks after I have started using and needing kratom. I am feeling reflective about my gambling addiction that I stopped in late November as I banned myself from the casino (I lost everything - around 15000 AUD and this amount did not include any earnings I have received after I started working holidays in Australia it’s my previous savings, I feel lonely also because I don’t feel interested to talk much to a lot of people these days except maybe for talking to a few friends on Facebook messenger which I think is also caused by kratom.right now I just feel bored and empty. I saw tickets to go back home that are cheap relatively in early Jan. I am also thinking of going to Adelaide just to check the city out as a person that I met previously on a roadtrip thru couchsurfing road trip event is gonna drive to Adelaide on the 4th. I am thinking of going back to Brisbane to stay with my previous homestay and try to look for work there in hospitality. But right now I just don’t feel any motivation to look for work in Melbourne. I just feel contemplative and don’t know if I can regret coming here for working holidays. I don’t feel like I have changed much as a person. There are a few life lessons I have learnt with gambling but I don’t know what else I have achieved here. What can I do?
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Guy from Hong Kong losing 4700AUD in Crown Melbourne

Hi Kai here living in Melbourne at the moment, a 25 year old college graduate from Hong Kong
I just wanna share my story about gambling at the casino and how much it has impacted me especially when I am in a foreign country as a working holiday visa holder from Hong Kong.
Last month I was working as a hostel manager in Cairns in the east coast of Australia working full time and eventually racking up a total revenues of $4900 AUD I was very satisfied with the outcome although my boss and I had a lot of arguments and things got ugly and I had to leave on a bad note.
I rolled the dice and came to Melbourne afterwards with that amount sitting pretty in my cheque account along with some cash. The first few days I was in Melbourne, I felt really lost, didn’t know anyone, I wasn’t particularly sociable because I have a chronic illness with my neck although I have herbal medicine to combat that. Everything went downhill on the 3rd or 4th day in Melbourne when I decided to enter Crown Casino Melbourne which is the biggest casino in the Southern Hemisphere.
I was mainly into roulette table/machine. The first night I went there, I lost around 2k in roulette with mainly outside bets hoping I could get lucky with 2/3 of chances excluding the 0/00 possibility. But all statistics are bullshit. I placed small bets at first and once you gained the momentum of winning a little bit, you started placing higher bets and next thing I know I lost 2k. The second day I wasn’t having any luck either I lost again around 1K, the third day the same, by this point, I was feeling frustrated and didn’t know what to do. I went there again and tried to tell myself I m just gonna win 100$ or more each day and slowly getting all my losings back. And it was looking like it was working. In the days that followed, I won and won, turning the loss from 4K to 2K from a few days of wins.
Today it was a nightmare, I got complacent, there is $2650 in my wallet I put it all in rapid roulette (machine) and first 2 bets, I did outside bets and lost 2K straightaway and I decided to use the remaining $650 and I lost it also. Now my total losing is $4700. The only way I can compartmentalise it is that it was lost salaries from my work last month.
But in all honesty, I only have $500 AUD In my bank account, I have my Hong Kong credit card that has maybe 1000 AUD in it but it’s money put in there by my mom. I am not gonna use it for gambling. The only thing I’m worried about right now is that I wouldn’t be able to sustain myself for another 2 months if I cannot find a job. Ironically, I am close to having a job working as a kitchen steward at the casino-affiliated restaurant as I applied for it and I really hope I could get it so things can start to look good for me. I feel like at a loss right now, feeling a great sense of shame, guilt and stupidity all at the same while. I just wish I could have stopped going to the casino once I had already recovered half the loss but somehow it is always not enough.
I have managed to find a place with cheap rent here $130 per week I am good to go for the next month with rent but after that if I can’t find a job to upend this situation I have no choice but to go home although I really dun want to.
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blow up the pokies (and the reef of course)

So here's my quasi-political, semi-articulate, somewhat-left rant for the week... (in relation to this:
There's a bit of a rational meltdown going on in the far north right now. In a region almost solely reliant on it's tourist spend, the plummet in fat-pursed foreigners is really beginning to pinch.
Enter our economic saviour, Tony Fung. This guy is a Hong Kong billionaire who sees far northern Australia as the next Macau; a gambling hub for high-rolling chinese businessmen eager to boost our (and Tony's) finances and magic us out of despair.
Tony's plan? Build the largest casino in the country, of course. Tim Freedman eat yer heart out - this place will house 1500 pokies and 750 tables. As the third major casino in QLD (NSW and VIC only have one each) it will no doubt help boost QLD's already significant lead in problem gambling and spend per-capita.
In order to rally local support for his ambitious project, our gracious benefactor has promised 9,000 construction jobs, and then up to 10,000 full-time positions following completion. What he hasn't mentioned is where said talent-pool will hail from. Campbell Newman provided a bit more insight into this topic last week when he suggested that it might just be the right time to relax laws on migrant workers in regional centres. True right Campbell.
Social issues aside, the plan also poses major environmental concerns for the region and the UNESCO-listed status of one of our country's (and the world's) most important ecological assets. As the largest development of its kind in the country, this isn't a local issue, it will set a national precedent for generations to come.
So I say this: Residents of Cairns, don't be fooled by the empty promises of a foreign billionaire with a band-aid. Queenslanders, take Newman to account on his political backflips - he just cut 14,000 jobs then tried for a bloody 49% pay rise (but ended up with 8%). Australians, take a stand against problem gambling in our country and the evils it represents. People of the world, disregard the politics and show your support for the Great Barrier Reef, one of the seven natural wonders of the world, and stop it's exploitation and destruction by profiteers.
If this concerns you please sign and share this petition started by Kate (my lady in red):
She's been researching for a month and goes into a lot more detail on the page, plus there's loads of space for engagement on the topic. Alternatively leave a comment, we're both pretty keen to gauge where the people stand on this.
Peace out!
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Hiring Someone to RATE How I Eat - YouTube Cairns Tour - Esplanade Lagoon & Harbor & Pier Nightlife ... I Can't Believe This! 🔥 INSANE Dragon Link Run Part 2 ... - YouTube Things to do in Cairns, Australia - YouTube 5 Things to Do in Darwin, NT, Australia - YouTube Bondi Rescue Season 9 Episode 6 Part 1 - YouTube Cairns - Queensland - YouTube A Tourist's Guide to Cairns & the Great Barrier Reef ... Discover Darwin! Top part of Australia - YouTube

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Hiring Someone to RATE How I Eat - YouTube

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. We had a lot of fun walking around Darwin it is a very nice city (humid though) there are some amazing parks as well.. wish us luck on this BIG GIANT tour we... Get Honey for FREE and start saving money today My subscribers have saved an average of $57.79 on stores like Amazon, Target & ... We fly into Cairns, Queensland. After a night there, we head out to a few of the outer reefs to film some very poor footage underwater. The camera was not re... Here's what we did over 8 days in and around Cairns (July 2016) More about our itinerary here: 5 Things to Do in Darwin, NT, Australia Read the blog: In this episode we’re exploring Darwin, a city in the Top En... Part 2 is the UNOFFICIAL Bondi Rescue Channel--- Please support the lifeguards by subscribing, following on twitter & Face... Wonderful tour of Cairns Australia to include the Lagoon swimming pool, Esplanade, harbor, and yes, thousands of bats Cairns is a city in the Cairns Region, Queensland, Australia. It is on the east coast of Far North Queensland. Cairns was founded in 1876 and named after Sir... 📱 Play my free app here: 👓 Watch newest video here: 👀 See my HUGE jackpots here: ...